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Lossless audio recording support

Voximplant now can save audio without compression.

VoIP Push Notifications support for iOS SDK has arrived

Voximplant now supports VoIP Push Notifications for calls to iOS SDK.

HD Audio Playback / Streaming

Your mp3 or ogg files played on VoxEngine scenario level with call.startPlayback or using Player will be played on the Web or Mobile SDK side in HD quality (48KHz), or on SIP side if it does support wideband audio codecs (Speex or Opus).

HD Audio Recording

We chose 48 KHz as the base sample rate for HD audio recorder, since WebRTC/Opus can offer this quality, audio from endpoints with lower sample rate will be re-sampled.

WebRTC Meetup Barcelona Edition

Victor Pascual from Quobis invited us to participate in WebRTC meetup that took place on March 4th in Barcelona, we accepted the invitation and I'm really happy that we did.

Firefox 34 update

Mozilla recently released Firefox 34 and there were some changes in WebRTC stack that weren't compatible with our Web SDK. We have fixed most of them, p2p video calling will be fixed on Monday.

VoxImplant demos at WebRTC Expo 2013 (Santa Clara)

Just to remind you about the great event which takes place in US twice a year - WebRTC Expo.

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