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Mobile SDKs: legacy API removal

As of October 1, 2019, we will release new versions of mobile SDKs to remove legacy APIs.

iOS SDK third-party (in)dependence

An update on CocoaLumberjack and SocketRocket usage

Automated Voximplant SDK login

Assume that you don't want plain text password to be available in JavaScript code.

Making Video Calls in Safari

By default, Safari uses only the H264 codec while other browsers use both H264 and VP8 popular codecs. To fix the issue, you can explicitly specify a video codec list conventionally called “scheme”.

Messaging update

A brand-new messaging API was added across Web, Android and iOS SDK.

Authorization using tokens instead of passwords

Storing and saving passwords inside applications is not safe. For better security, our SDK provides two additional login methods: with the one-time login keys and with the renewable tokens.

Video calls support is available in iOS SDK

Video calls support is already available for iOS SDK!


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