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Scenario 3
1   function onCallConnected(ev){
2      call.say('Please wait while we connect you to an agent');
3   }
4   function onPlaybackFinished(ev){
5      const agent = VoxEngine.callUser('agent');
6      VoxEngine.easyProcess(call,agent);
7    }
8   function onAgentConnected(c1, c2){
9      call.record({stereo: true, transribe: true});
10 }
[Violation] 'setInterval' handler took 412047msabstract-provider.js:1
+1 (234) 567 89 00
+1 (234) 567 90 00
Please wait while we connect you to an agent
My order number is S340
Our courier is on his way
Watch Expressions2
  • ev: CallEvent
    • name: CallEvents
      •    PlaybackFinished
    • call: Call
      • number: '1234342'
      • callerId: '1324123'
    • error: undefined

Communication APIs

Future-proof communications

The powerful yet flexible cloud platform for evolving your communications applications, from simple to complex. You can feel the difference.

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Full serverless

Get to market faster, skip the maintenance, and tackle even the hardest problem in the cloud. All the tools you need for rapid development and deployment are built-in.

  • True serverless call control providing flexible signaling and media control
  • Code verification and completion tools that simplify development
  • Built-in debugging and troubleshooting that speeds deployment

AI integrations for Speech and Bots

Build highly-differentiated, human-like experiences from within the platform. Deep AI partner integrations give you choice and control without integration headaches.

  • Synthesize voice using 6 built-in text-to-speech engines providing more than 425 distinct voices across 60 languages and dialects
  • Respond to speech input with 4 transcription providers in more than 120 languages and dialects
  • Interact using voicebots with Voximplant’s comprehensive Google Cloud Dialogflow integrations

Responsive, multi-cloud network

Painless quality and reliability using a global network designed for real time communications. Reach users across the globe on a diverse, adaptable network.

  • Phone numbers from 60 countries out of the box for local presence
  • Datacenters in 12 distinct countries for superior coverage, performance, and compliance
  • 5 distinct cloud providers for geographic and provider redundancy
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The powerful yet flexible cloud platform for evolving your communications applications, from simple to complex. You can feel the difference.
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Advanced features for unique customizations that help you stand out

API’s and options that help you customize and differentiate your communications experience without compromise - on one platform

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