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APIs and SDKs for voice, video, messaging, SIP trunking, and natural language processing. Build quickly without sacrificing future flexibility.

Voximplant Platform
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Scenario 3
1   function onCallConnected(ev){
2      call.say('Please wait while we connect you to an agent');
3   }
4   function onPlaybackFinished(ev){
5      const agent = VoxEngine.callUser('agent');
6      VoxEngine.easyProcess(call,agent);
7    }
8   function onAgentConnected(c1, c2){
9      call.record({stereo: true, transribe: true});
10 }
[Violation] 'setInterval' handler took 412047msabstract-provider.js:1
+1 (234) 567 89 00
+1 (234) 567 90 00
Please wait while we connect you to an agent
My order number is S340
Our courier is on his way
Watch Expressions2
  • ev: CallEvent
    • name: CallEvents
      •    PlaybackFinished
    • call: Call
      • number: '1234342'
      • callerId: '1324123'
    • error: undefined
Communication APIs

Future-proof communications

Voximplant Platform is the cloud solution for creating and enhancing communication applications. Our technology is built to create simple or complex apps and can scale as your communication needs do.

Full serverless

Full serverless

Get to market faster, skip the server maintenance, and tackle even the hardest problem without needing your own infrastructure

  • No XML interactions are needed; just use Javascript
  • True serverless call control provides more granular and flexible signaling and media control for each call leg independently
  • All the tools you be needed for rapid development and deployment are built-in
Many SDKs and API Clients

Many SDKs and API Clients

Get up and running more quickly for web and mobile applications

  • SDKs for iOS, Android, Web, React Native, Flutter, and Unity
  • API clients for Curl, Node.js, Python, PHP, Go, .NET, and Java
  • Extensive documentation and tutorials, free technical support available, and access to a developer community on Discord
Cloud IDE and Debugger

Cloud IDE and Debugger

Write code faster and fix bugs more easily using our cloud IDE and debugger tools built into the cloud control panel

  • Code verification, autocompletion, and difference highlighting simplify development
  • Built-in debugging and troubleshooting speeds up deployment
  • If you prefer to use your own IDE, the typings used in our cloud IDE are freely available for download so that you can use them to expand the autocomplete of your IDE

AI Integrations

Enhance customer experience and intelligently automate processes using pre-built integrations to AI providers for human-like speech and bots

  • Pre-built AI integrations with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Yandex, and Tinkoff
  • Build using speech recognition that can recognize 118 languages and dialects and speech synthesis with 150 voice options
  • Interact using voicebots with Voximplant’s comprehensive Google Cloud Dialogflow ES and Dialogflow CX integrations

Robust, Global Network

Ensure reliability, low latency, and data sovereignty by trusting our global network with redundant infrastructure in the most countries compared to any other CPaaS provider

  • Automatically purchase phone numbers from 60 countries
  • Datacenters in 14 distinct countries for global coverage, performance, and data sovereignty compliance
  • Live status page to check the live and historical uptime of subcomponents

Integrated Voice & Video

Improve user experience with a unified API for seamlessly switching between voice calling on any network and full video communications

  • Single conferencing API for both voice and video
  • Mix PSTN, SIP, WebRTC, and native mobile app users in conferences
  • Upgrade from voice to video on mobile and we
Top use cases

Extensive options for your exact needs

The powerful yet flexible cloud platform for evolving your communications applications, from simple to complex. You can feel the difference.


Advanced features for custom communication apps that help you stand out

APIs, SDKs and more to create a custom and differentiated communication experience all from one platform

Technical Buyers Guide to Voximplant Platform

This guide will give you a comprehensive look at the Voximplant architecture, features and developer tools. The paper is intended for developers and technical product managers interested in simplifying the building of communications services.

Comfortable development

Powerful range of SDKs & APIs for swift and painless development

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