webrtcbcn Victor Pascual from Quobis invited us to participate in WebRTC meetup that took place on March 4th in Barcelona, we accepted the invitation and I'm really happy that we did.

First of all, everything was organized really well - shuttle took us from Fira Granvia where Mobile World Congress was happening to the meetup. I met a lot of WebRTC folks there - Dean Bubley, Chris Vitek and many other. The panels were very interesting and with brilliant speakers. We learnt about building WebRTC stacks from Mozilla and why it was not easy, then discussed WebRTC in IoT context (thanks to Stefano Gioia from Oracle), after that there was a panel “WebRTC and open-source” moderated by Elias Perez from Quobis where I participated with other guys, including Daniel-Constantin Mierla (Co-founder of Kamailio project), Jean Deruelle (co-founder and general manager EMEA at Telestax), Torrey Searle (Research and Development Manager at Voxbone), Peter Dunkley (Technical Director at Acision) and Matthew Hodgson (Co-founder at Matrix.org). We discussed how opensource affected WebRTC in terms of technology development and in terms of business, then somehow (maybe after a question from the audience) discussed signalling and the future of WebRTC (of course, we didn't forget to mention Apple and Microsoft a couple of times). After a short break with snacks and drinks we learnt a lot of interesting info about TokBox's experience with WebRTC, how to use media servers for WebRTC and scale (thanks to Dialogic) and what telcos think about WebRTC (featuring Telenor, Belgacom and Unify), RCS, as always, got what it deserved:

There were a lot of other posts in twitter that are worth checking - just use the hashtag #webrtcbcn Unfortunately, I had to leave after that, but I'm sure all other panels were great too. I'm happy to add the link to the video when I will have it, since the event was recorded. P.S. Here is the video from one of the panels.