Introducing Voximplant Kit Contact Center

Move faster, serve customers everywhere, without requiring a single line of code

Voice Bots for Online Stores

What the bots learned in five years

New voice synthesis options for your telephony app powered by Microsoft Azure

With speech synthesis support for Microsoft Azure Text-to-Speech, you can choose from more than 425 voice options covering 40 languages and 60 dialects from 6 distinct speech synthesis engine providers. 

Why You Should Jump On Flutter for Your Real Time Communications App Today

Flutter is a new mobile application development environment that arrived on the scene in early 2019 and has attracted a lot of attention.

Stop Worrying About Fixed vs Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Numbers

It’s time to set the record straight about fixed vs non-fixed VoIP phone numbers

TCP vs UDP: A Guide to Choosing the Best SIP Transport Protocol

The SIP protocol supports transport over TCP and UDP with each having its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, security considerations may drive you to consider the TLS protocol

Introducing Voximplant’s A2P SMS API

Voximplant has a dedicated A2P (Application to Person) SMS API for high-volume messaging needs.

How to provide better customer support?

Customers are now much better informed than ever before and there are so many products, services and solutions that users can choose from. If you do not offer them what they want and are looking for, you can easily lose customers.

How to Send an SMS with Python

Sending an SMS message from Python is simple. Using the Voximplant platform, you just need to setup some credentials, pick a phone number, and use a simple API command

27 New Text-To-Speech Voice Options from IBM Watson

We recently added IBM Watson™ Text-to-Speech to our list of speech synthesis engine options, expanding the number of voices you dynamically synthesize as part of phone and web calls.

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