Mobile SDKs: legacy API removal

As of October 1, 2019, we will release new versions of mobile SDKs to remove legacy APIs.

Updates to Smartcalls service: Dialogflow and SIP integrations, new pricing plans

Now Smartcalls users can choose from a set of affordable plans, integrate with an existing SIP, and enroll into the beta program of Dialogflow and Smartcalls engagement – a next-level solution, that will easily enrich call scenarios with an IVR of any complexity.

HTTP API Client Libraries

There are client libraries for a number of popular languages to help you with app development whether the language you use.

Web SDK: API Events Changes

Please check the production versions of your services in all browsers by using the developer console.

G.722 for SIP endpoints is now supported

G.722 is used in many SIP phones for HD voice support

Two-factor authentication

We are announcing the implementation of two-factor authentication which provides more secure access to developers’ accounts.

iOS SDK third-party (in)dependence

An update on CocoaLumberjack and SocketRocket usage

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