Virtual Agent

A virtual agent is an AI-based software program that communicates through voice or text. A virtual agent is also known as an intelligent virtual agent (IVA), virtual rep, or virtual chat agent.

How voice biometrics boost your call center security and improve your agent productivity

Our voices transmit an incredible amount of information including our identities. Everyone’s voice is unique, which allows us to recognize someone we know based on their voice over the phone. The use of voice for identification is known as voice biometrics.

New Live Logs for Voximplant Kit — see and hear your call logs

With Live Logs, you can now do the same thing for real historical calls too - and it is synchronized with any recordings made during the call too.

Phone Surveys: Robots vs. Live Operators

Companies conduct phone surveys both to identify market trends and improve the customer experience. In this case, voice bots are an appropriate option since their implementation takes less time and frees up operators for more complex tasks

Call center overview: trends and stats shaping the future

Buyers and sellers communicate through a call center that handles both inbound and outbound inquiries. Contact centers have to serve customers and allow operators to work efficiently. Now it’s time to look at the statistics and figure out how to create the best version of a contact center for your company.

What is Text-to-Speech?

Voximplant provides a Text-to-Speech API that allows you to communicate with customers all over the world using their native language.

Proxy Phone Numbers

Upgrade business communications to protect customer data and avoid revenue leakage.

What is SIP Transport Layer Security?

TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. It is a cryptographic protocol providing end-to-end security for all types of data sent between users. If a URL link begins with ‘https,’ your browser establishes a connection via TLS. Moreover, TLS can be used while sending emails, files, conducting audio/video conferences, and implementing IP telephony.

Conversational AI

Increase your business value with conversational AI

Jitsi Phone Dial-in and IVR Connector

Jitsi Meet is a popular open source project for video conferencing and remote meetings. Users can use the service freely at Alternatively, those with the expertise can install and run Jitsi Meet on their own servers, allowing installers to fully control the service on infrastructure they control. In addition to video communication, Jitsi Meet also allows users to call in to a meeting and users a conference can dial-out to add a phone user. 

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