Better ACD operator status handling

You can now get current status and receive status change notifications

Voximplant now supports IPv6 | Usage tips

Voximplant has implemented the support of IPv6 for p2p calls. Since there are some usage nuances, we wrote the article on it.

Introduction to the Voximplant SMS Functionality

Voximplant finally launched SMS functionality; short text messages are still needed to inform customers, verify some actions, get urgent alerts and so on.

"callPSTN" now requires a caller id

Starting on April 25 we change our callPSTN API: “caller id” is no longer optional and must be specified.

Lossless audio recording support

Voximplant now can save audio without compression.

ES7/2017 JavaScript syntax support

Both our cloud JavaScript engine and Web JavaScript editor now support modern JavaScript syntax.

Safari 11 support

The latest version of our Web SDK is fully compatible with the new Safari 11 audio/video calls support.

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