Dialogflow Connector

AI-powered telephony bots for every IVR and call center

Enhance Customer Interactions with Conversational Voice AI Technology

Plug into Dialogflow in 2 minutes

Easy to get started
  1. Upload your Dialogflow Service account
  2. Call your bot with one of our free test numbers
  3. Connect your bot with other numbers & SIP & optimize it in VoxEngine

Connects to SIP or PSTN numbers

Calls to and from wherever you want
  1. SIP connectivity option
  2. Inbound, outbound, conference, and transfer connectivity options
  3. Phone numbers from 57+ countries
  4. Outbound calls to 200+ countrie

Works with the Dialogflow UI

Easy development leveraging Dialogflow
  1. Use / Reuse the Dialogflow Telephony Tab
  2. Specify call transfer, speech synthesis, and audio playback from the Dialogflow GUI or in VoxEngine
  3. Use and set contexts programmatically

Deep telephony-bot integration APIs

Tune for optimal phone interaction
  1. DTMF detection and control
  2. Speaker barge-in and playback interruption
  3. No audio input detection
  4. Send Dialogflow events
  5. Set and use parameters

Modern Conversational IVRs with Dialogflow

This whitepaper describes approaches for integrating voicebots with telephony systems and reviews how Voximplant, a long- standing communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) vendor – does this with Dialogflow.

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Connect calls to your Dialogflow bot in under 2 minutes

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Of consumers

Already prefer bots to humans for customer relations


Of customer request

Will be handled without a human agent by 2020


Customer service

The great thing about machines? They don’t sleep!

Dialogflow + Voximplant Conversational IVR benefits

Offload live agents and improve customer satisfaction with widely proven Artificial Intelligence technology

Improved Customer Experience

Delight your customers flat, easy to navigate IVRs

Affordable Technology

Mass market technology that costs less than $0.05 / minute

Offload your Agents

Bots that engage help refocus agent time