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An omnichannel conversational AI that works

Avatar is a natural language processing cloud service that lets you create smart voicebots and chatbots. You can even integrate bots into voice calls and text chats including SMS and WhatsApp
An omnichannel conversational AI that works

Boost contact center efficiency with Avatar

It leverages industry-leading Machine Learning capabilities, embeds seamlessly into voice and text communications channels and is fully customizable to your needs. There is no need for businesses to build complex backend infrastructure, use Avatar to create your business logic.

Try Avatar for better agent reach and capacity

Avatar bots operate 24/7 and ensure you don't miss calls even when agents aren’t available.

Avatar lets you drive operational and cost efficiencies

Use it to automate up to 80% or routine tasks. This makes it possible to handle issues with fewer agents so your contact centers can optimize interaction costs.

Go to market quicker and at a lower cost

You don't need to deal with vendors, write complex backend logic and set up integrations with Avatar on your side. Build an Avatar bot in a couple of hours.

Improve your customer experience with the state-of-the-art ML models

We use cutting edge neural networks to power our ML engine, specifically modern Transformers, fine-tuned on conversational data to have the best-in-class level of quality.

Experience fewer recognition errors

Experience fewer recognition errors

Avatar understands the true meaning behind end-user messages. Rest assured that it won't be triggered by keywords and lets you understand user intent.

Make shorter dialogues more effective

Make shorter dialogues more effective

Avatar asks open-ended questions, gets to the point quickly, and allows you to extract phone numbers, dates, and locations.

Avatar makes things easier to manage

Avatar makes things easier to manage

Voximplant Platform offers an integrated set of tools that let you create bots end-to-end, so you don't need to worry about stringing together multiple services to get the results you need.

Create flexible conversation flows with javaScript

  • Avatar leverages cutting-edge NLP engines for intelligent and seamless conversation experiences. You have more control over bot response and wait times, and end customers can easily switch between voice and text chat channels.
  • You also get full control and flexibility over conversation flows. It also lets you create customized human-like conversation experiences with a basic knowledge of JavaScript.
Avatar sample
 */  * This avatar suggests a fun activity to a user */  addState({  name: 'start',  onEnter: async (event) => {   /* Greet a user and listen to their response */  if (event.visitsCounter === 1) {  return async Response({ utterance: "Hi! If you're bored, I can suggest an activity. Wanna know?", listen: true });   } else if (event.visitsCounter < 5){  return Response({ utterance: "Wanna get one more?",listen: true });  } else {  return Response({ utterance: "Are you sure ?", listen: true });  }  },  onUtterance: async(event) => {  /*  * Handle the user phrase and respond based on it  */  if (event.intent === 'welcome') {  /* Return a default intent response and listen to the user again */  return Response({ utterance: 'Yeah, hi!', nextState: 'start' });  } else if (event.intent === 'yes') {  /* Get a random activity from a public API */  const result = await httpRequest('https://www.boredapi.com/api/activity');  Logger.write(result.text);  const response = JSON.parse(result.text).activity + '. Wanna get one more?';  return Response({ utterance: response, listen: true });  }else if (event.intent === 'no') {  /* Respond and go to the next conversation stage */  return Response({ utterance: 'Gotcha, see you!', nextState: 'final' });  } else if (event.intent === 'unknown') {  /* Respond with a default response set for this intent */  return Response({ utterance: event.response, listen: true }); } ;}, });   addState({  name: 'final',  onEnter: async (event) => {  /* End the conversation */ Response({ isFinal: true }); }, });  /* Mark 'start' state as an entry point of the conversation */  setStartState('start');

Connect your bot to telephony with a few lines of code

We offer a complete communications stack all in one place so that you can easily integrate your voicebot with telephony.

Telephony integration
 VoxEngine.addEventListener(AppEvents.Started, function (e) {   call = VoxEngine.callPSTN(phone_number, caller_id);   call.addEventListener(CallEvents.Connected, handleCallConnected);  });  // Call connected successfully  function handleCallConnected(e) {  Logger.write("handleCallConnected to call.callerid()" + call.callerid());  const avatarConfig = {  avatarId: AVATAR_ID,  extended: false,  customData: {  voice: true,  callerId: call.callerid(),  phone: call.callerid(),  callId: call.id()  }  };  const asrParameters = {  model: ASRModelList.Google,  profile: ASRProfileList.Google.en_US,  phraseHints: [],  singleUtterance: true,  interimResults: false,  };  const ttsPlayerOptions = {  language: VoiceList.Google.en_US_Standard_A,  };  const onError = (err) => {  Logger.write(`ERROR!: ${err}`);  call.hangup();  }  const onFinish = (ev) => {  Logger.write("Call have finished")  call.hangup()  }  const voiceAvatar = VoximplantAvatar.createVoiceAvatar({  call,  asrEndOfPhraseDetectorTimeout: 3000,  onErrorCallback: onError,  onFinishCallback: onFinish,  avatarConfig,  asrParameters,  ttsPlayerOptions  });  call.record();  }

Try to ask an Avatar chatbot a question

The Avatar chatbot can answer your questions about the product. Choose from the suggested options or ask your question.

Voximplant Avatar
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What makes you different from other chatbots and voice bots?
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Is there a risk of user data leakage?
In which cases a live operator is required?

Integrate with voice and messaging channels you already use

Avatar offers out-of-the-box support via WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, and Webim. Use GRPC or REST API to connect to even more options. Same bot designed for text works perfectly with voice without requiring any changes.

Integrate with voice and messaging channels you already use

Use cases

Food and grocery delivery

Build a bot that retains the phone numbers, dates, and locations from end-user speech.

Appointment scheduling

Automate inbound calls and schedule appointments with your customers.

NPS and CSAT surveys

Build automated surveys to measure customer loyalty.

Taxi booking

Enable users to book a cab, provide them with driver details and service charges.

Smart IVRs

Replace your old-style IVR system and automate customer services.

FAQ bots

Automate the processing of standard questions.

Avatar is 30% cheaper than competitors

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How to build an Avatar bot

Avatar is designed to help any developer or product manager build amazing customer experiences, without the need for machine learning expertise, unnecessary stress or expensive resources. Now anyone can build models and workflows.