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TLS support for SIP calls

Easily enable TLS for outgoing SIP calls

Session Initiation Protocol Telephony

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signaling protocol that is used to manage multimedia communications, such as voice and video calls

How to set up SIP for incoming calls

Updates to Smartcalls service: Dialogflow and SIP integrations, new pricing plans

Now Smartcalls users can choose from a set of affordable plans, integrate with an existing SIP, and enroll into the beta program of Dialogflow and Smartcalls engagement – a next-level solution, that will easily enrich call scenarios with an IVR of any complexity.

Blind transfer support for SIP phones

Blind transfer is when a person who transfers the call won't talk with the person to whom he transfers it.

Making calls via SIP registration

VoxImplant supports SIP Registrations - it registers on 3rd party SIP server as a customer and can make/receive calls using the customer account, now it's possible to make outbound calls using SIP registrations.

Video Call Recording has arrived

If a call is made in non-P2P mode then its media stream goes via our media servers and we can record it if required.

Call forking support has arrived

Call forking support means that developers can now forward calls from VoxImplant to VoxImplant application user that is connected to the cloud from different endpoints at the same time using the same login credentials.


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