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Web SDK: API Events Changes

Please check the production versions of your services in all browsers by using the developer console.

Automated Voximplant SDK login

Assume that you don't want plain text password to be available in JavaScript code.

Making Video Calls in Safari

By default, Safari uses only the H264 codec while other browsers use both H264 and VP8 popular codecs. To fix the issue, you can explicitly specify a video codec list conventionally called “scheme”.

Safari 11 support

The latest version of our Web SDK is fully compatible with the new Safari 11 audio/video calls support.

Messaging update

A brand-new messaging API was added across Web, Android and iOS SDK.

Screen Sharing in Voximplant

Screen Sharing allows you to share information on your screen during a call. You can share the entire screen or one of the active windows.

Authorization using tokens instead of passwords

Storing and saving passwords inside applications is not safe. For better security, our SDK provides two additional login methods: with the one-time login keys and with the renewable tokens.

Voximplant Web SDK v4 beta is now available with Edge/ORTC support

The new version of Web SDK will help us to accelerate the development process and includes a lot of new features and improvements.

Click-to-call for web and mobile application

True click-to-call means that it's not about callback version when a call is initiated from the platform to both parties and connects them together, it means that call is initiated from the client side and goes via IP to the platform and then routed to the required destination.

Web SDK: Microphone Activity Visualization

Combining the power of WebRTC , HTML5 and Web we can visualize audio stream coming from microphone after user allowed access to the device.

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