Improve CX by allowing customers to call you with just a tap on a button, no matter their location.
Key Statistics

Simplify communications with your customers

Statistics show that 60% of customers prefer voice communications. The click-to-call technology simplifies communication with customers, provides faster service and allows them to call your contact center without extra effort.

20% faster service

due to click-to-call ads and client data transmission

Up to 70% lower price

of a phone call compared to a toll-free number and the callback service

Worldwide customer service

Your customers can call you from anywhere in the world via the Internet

Notable Customers

We are trusted partners of world’s most innovative businesses


Ready-to-use SDK for fast and easy integration

The SDK for web and mobile platforms allows developers to easily embed online click-to-call into business applications and webpages. The SDK uses WebRTC to offer the best quality of communication.

Security and Scalability

The communication between the SDK and the platform is encrypted. The number of simultaneous calls supported depends on a business’s requirements, and the system will scale accordingly.

Flexible telephony integration options

The calls from the SDK can be forwarded to the real phone number (PSTN) or to the VoIP system using SIP protocol. In case of forwarding to the VoIP system, additional customer information can be sent to the contact center for better and faster customer service.


Features & Capabilities

Online click-to-call from Voximplant significantly improves customer experience and offers useful features, such as:

Calls to phone numbers in more than 190 countries

SDKs for Web, iOS and Android platforms

SIP support for VoIP integration

High audio quality

Fault tolerance

Enhanced security

Use сases

Customer support hotline

Customer support hotline

Allowing customers to easily connect with support representatives through a click-to-call button on a website or mobile app.

Sales lead generation

Sales lead generation

Enabling potential customers to swiftly connect with a sales representative by clicking a call button on a landing page or email.

Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling

Facilitating easy scheduling of appointments with a click-to-call feature on a business's website or mobile app.

Automated customer service

Automated customer service

Automate customer service through click-to-call and further reduce the amount of time customers have to wait for a representative to answer their queries.

Remote consultations

Remote consultations

Enable remote consultations between professionals, such as doctors and clients, and reduce the amount of time needed to arrange a meeting.

Improving customer engagement

Improving customer engagement

Enables companies to increase customer engagement levels and reduce the response time by providing them with quicker ways to contact customer support and sales teams.

Customer testimonials

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Today, GuuG operates in condominiums in the greater São Paulo area, where savings can reach up to 60%. We continue to work on additional features that will soon be available, such as panic buttons with direct connection to the police. Further ahead, we plan to introduce solutions that will transform the delivery process and other solutions with a similar objective. The idea is to offer more comfort, security, independence, and technology for those at home.
Victor Barbosa
Founder, GuuG

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