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Lossless audio recording support

Voximplant now can save audio without compression.

H.264 video call recording is now available (in mp4 format)

We are happy to announce that video calls that use H.264 video codec can now be recorded. Recorded video calls that use H.264 will be stored as mp4 files (calls with video in VP8 format are stored as webm files).

Audio Recording

Voximplant cloud scenario allows to record audio, video and transcribe voice-to-text for each individual call object.

Video Recording

This tutorial explains how to use our new functionality to build video recorder web app using our Web SDK in minutes.

HD Audio Recording

We chose 48 KHz as the base sample rate for HD audio recorder, since WebRTC/Opus can offer this quality, audio from endpoints with lower sample rate will be re-sampled.

Video Call Recording has arrived

If a call is made in non-P2P mode then its media stream goes via our media servers and we can record it if required.


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