Programmable Video

Integrate WebRTC-based video calls into your web and mobile apps. Support users on any browser or device with SDKs for web, iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, and Unity.
Programmable Video

Robust Infrastructure for Your App


We provide you with all necessary features

Such as screen sharing and text chats for active engagement and contextual experiences.


We allow you to scale from 1:1 to large rooms

Start small and grow with your business. Expand the number of users, add features and serve more customers on-demand.


We simplify your development process

Our mobile and web SDKs wrap all the necessary technicalities – STUN/TURN/ICE, video quality control, and bandwidth optimization – for rapid implementation of your apps.


We are GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant

Build your video app with enterprise-grade security that meets global compliance, including GDPR and ISO 27001.

Solution for your use case
Embed Faster with Pre-Built Layouts or Customize Your Own
Voximplant Platform speeds up your development process. You don’t need to start from scratch and customize your own layout. Start in minutes with one of our predefined video call templates.


Make content more accessible

Integrate AI-powered automated captioning and translation of your speech. Share presentations and project your screen. With Voximplant, you can be sure your viewers don’t miss any details.

Invite up to 250 viewers

Build large webinar rooms with up to 250 passive viewers. Users can join your webinars from any device.

Facilitate the webinar process

Add moderators to introduce speakers, track inquiries in chat windows, and administrate Q&A sessions.

Video Interviewing

Customize your event experience

Our conference builder is designed to let your brand shine bright. We give you the ability to customize the interface and URLs to match your corporate or event-specific branding.

Enjoy HD video calls

Recruit candidates with 1920x1080 resolution and low latency.

Integrate chats

Seamlessly send messages within the call. Allow users to drop a note, share briefing materials, or send a link.


Implement secure connections

To protect your data and safeguard privacy, we use end-to-end encryption for all data transfers and storage in the cloud.

Screen sharing, camera flashlight and switching to make healthcare easier

Use screen sharing to show x-ray images and photos. Embed camera switching and a camera flashlight so medical staff can discern specific body areas. Turn on a countdown so patients can see when the consultation ends.

Build a “waiting room”

If medical staff or patients are running late, provide a virtual waiting room. From there users can indicate they are ready for their consultation.

Team Meetings

Integrate with business systems

Connect your CRM, HRM, calendar, and email so users can join meetings from anywhere with one click.

Illustrate your speech

Share your screen and use a virtual whiteboard to create real-time illustrations and make team meetings more simple and clear.

Set user permissions

For large meetings, you can assign administrator, moderator and participant roles. For instance, administrators can turn off video and sound for passive participants to reduce server load and allow participants to talk after raising a hand.

Customers around the world

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P2P video chat for Pure

Pure is a dating app that uses the Voximplant Video API to provide customers with video chatting. Calls can be made directly from the browser or the app itself and connections are encrypted. For those who would like to have greater anonymity, there’s a video chat option to "wear" an AR mask.

It is important for us to provide the most user-friendly communication options, and with the help of Voximplant, we managed to roll out video chats that are fully consistent with Pure’s requirements and are comfortable for our users. We came up with virtual masks that conceal faces, as well as an animated background that interacts with the user in the video, and the platform's functionality allows us to implement all our ideas.
Olga Petrunina
CEO, Pure App

Our customers

Calculate Your Monthly Expenses

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Server-based conferences
P2P calls
Average duration of conferences
5 min240+ min
Number of monthly conferences
10 conferences10K conferences
Average number of conference participants
2 users240 users

Why Choose Voximplant

Global network

Our data center network includes 21 data centers distributed on 5 continents. This allows your customers to make video calls without noticeable loss in quality wherever they are located

Affordable pricing

Since our servers don’t touch the media during one-to-one calls and P2P mesh configurations, we don’t charge for peer-to-peer traffic between our SDKs

Adaptive viewing experience

With support for the latest simulcast feature, our servers adapt the video quality to each endpoint independently. Your customers will experience high-quality connections regardless of network conditions.

Key Features

Video recording

Recorded media files are stored in the Voximplant cloud for three months by default

File sharing

Screen sharing

Use the camera flashlight

Participant control

PSTN and office telephony integration

Connect users with landlines, cell and VoIP phones to your conference

RTMP streaming to CDNs

Broadcast your video calls to Twitch, YouTube, Restream, or any other live streaming platform that supports the RTMP protocol

99.99% platform uptime SLA

Equals 1.01 mins system downtime per week

Raise your hand option

Speech recognition

Background and masks

Live chats

Video quality correction

End-to-end encryption

Voximplant’s end-to-end encryption prevents hackers from accessing customer sensitive data

1920x1080 video resolution

Keep Exploring Voximplant Platform

Technical Buyers Guide will give you a comprehensive look at the Voximplant architecture, features and developer tools. The paper is intended for developers and technical product managers interested in simplifying the building of communications services.