Customer stories

Cloud Call Center for Rappi
Support team within the company is responsible for assistance to 50 000+ couriers over the phone. Call center involves more than 900 phone operators. Due to the company permanent and rapid growth, it was necessary to secure a scalable cloud solution, flexible in terms of pricing and billing services.
900+ operators
in the cloud call center
50K+ couriers
supported via mobile
1.5M minutes
of calls recorded monthly
Call Center for Travel Consulting Company
One of 12Go’s top priorities is to create a first-class customer support service, available ​​24/7, in various languages. In order to meet this goal, a tool would need to be integrated into the company’s CRM, which would make available to the operator not only information in the existing CRM database but also new customer information as it comes in, real-time.
2.5 month
taken integration from a scratch
500+ calls
processed weekly
0 lost calls
since the integration
Online Call from Mobile App
Customers of S7 Airlines can call its contact center directly from the company’s website or from mobile apps. Customers can get required information and assistance from anywhere in the world and they do not need to leave the app or install additional software to make a call. The click-to-call feature has been in use since 2011.
0 dollars
call cost for a client
1 click
to talk to an operator
24/7 support
for the smooth running of the service
Automated Candidate Verification for HR
The HR department of Russian KFC restaurants receives over 15,000 resumes every month. The responses have two features: some of them are filled out incorrectly, while others lose their relevance within a few hours. Thanks to the implementation of Voximplant platform modules, call center employees receive only applications verified by the robot from truly interested candidates.
10x faster
than humans – the robot processes applications
37% of applications
eliminated as irrelevant without human input
+11% conversion
increase into a hired applicant
Video solution for dating app
Pure is a dating app and a site for anonymous video chatting that has allowed users to keep dating even at the height of the pandemic. Calls can be made directly from the browser or the app itself and the connection is encrypted, so there are no security concerns. For those who would like to have greater anonymity, there’s a video chat option to "wear" an AR mask.
100К video calls
per month
100% anonymity
of users
60 minutes
average chat time
Automated Candidate Verification for HR
Fast food chain Burger King uses Voximplant products for robot-aided screening of unsatisfactory job applications received by its HR Department.
1.5x conversion
increased for qualified candidates
1.5x reduced costs
to recruit candidates
5x cheaper
to automate the recruitment process
Outgoing Calls to the Customers
After a visit to the bank’s branch, a customer receives a call from the automated quality control service. If a customer gives the experience a low rating, his/ her contact details are loaded in the predictive dialing system to which all bank managers, including top management, have access.
1 month
spent on developing a contact center
500 executives
connected to the dialing system
115 top-managers
actively communicate with clients
Phone Number Masking
For Wheely, ensuring passenger comfort and safety are essential company values. All calls between passengers and drivers go through Voximplant. Voximplant’s capabilities allow Wheely to protect the privacy of its passengers by phone number masking while also enabling Wheely to have rapid call response times
8 cities
across Europe and Russia
10 minutes
or less average service time
downloads on Google Play & App Store
Seamless Telephony Integration for Cloud CRM
Bitrix24 uses Voximplant to create a cloud PBX for its flagship CRM. With Voximplant’s technology, a Bitrix24 user can make and receive calls directly from a web browser, automatically receive information about the caller, and much more.
5K+ numbers
across the globe
5M+ calls
59 countries
where Bitrix24 telephony is available
Telephony for Live Chat
Voximplant’s integration with JivoChat enables the consumers of the businesses that use this platform to call the sales representatives they are chatting with directly via their web browser.
260K+ sites
where JivoChat's solution is implemented
20 languages
24/7 support
anytime, anywhere
AI for Call Center
Sberbank uses Voximplant products to automate call center operations: the robot answers customers’ simple questions on its own or helps a human operator find the necessary information.
70% of calls
on the issues covered by the service were transferred to a voice assistant
70 seconds
is the average servicing time by Anna (the robot)
4X less
spent on the phone by operators and customers
Video Interviews for HR
To enhance their employees’ career development, the conglomerate ADEO, of which Leroy Merlin is a part of, launched an international development program for future leaders called Talent Booster. To streamline the HR department’s communication with employees that are spread all around the world, a special interface powered by Voximplant was created that enables long distance video interviews to be conducted within established parameters.
2 months
to develop the service
39 regions
took part in the program in Russia
1 minute
per each answer recording
Flexible Solution for Call Center
Sentry Health used basic telephony to route incoming patient calls in the process of scheduling doctor's appointments, reminding patients of the appointments, and setting up outbound appointment reminder notifications. To facilitate communication between patients and clinic coordinators, the company uses IVR to switch callers to the proper department of the clinic, as well as speech synthesis if the patient would like to leave a message.
7 days
from the idea to project implementation
100% of calls
are automatically routed to the right departments
100% of patients
receive appointment reminders
Automated Processing of Customer Requests
Within a minute from a customer leaving a test drive request, support service request, or request for credit on the Hyundai website, they are contacted on the phone by a robot. If the customer confirms their request, Voximplant automatically connects the dealer and the customer. Furthermore, a robot calls the customers for quality control. All of the data from these calls is reflected in the CRM system of the car importer.
2Х conversion
to test drives
70% of customers
connected to car dealers within 15 minutes by the robot
700 requests
are screened out by the robot as invalid within six months
Automated Notifications for Students and Teachers
2020 was a time of robust growth for many online services, including Skyeng online school. The number of students and teachers has grown significantly, and, as a result, the volume communication has doubled. Thanks to the HTTP-integration of the Skyeng CRM system with Voximplant Kit, it was possible to maintain communication without incurring major call center costs at increased loads. All numbers in the case study are relevant for October 2020.
90% less cost
for outbound calls
+17% callbacks
assisted by robot are successful
100% notifications
are received on time
Automated Recruitment Interviews
After selection of the most appropriate candidates from job sites, Vera starts calling candidates using the Voximplant platform. Vera tells a candidate about the job and conducts an interview. After the call, she sends them detailed information about the vacancy and invites for an interview with a manager. HR clients of Vera receive a detailed report with the results of recruiting within an hour.
15% applications
convert into a job interview
50K calls
are made by Vera daily
10Х faster
than human operators
Telephony for Carriers and Passengers
In standard operating mode, a GetTransfer transfer is booked online, but there are situations when a call has to be made. Thanks to the rollout of a full-fledged operator's workplace in the web interface, the company’s managers achieved a 50% increase in case resolution. GetTransfer was able to provide support for passengers and carriers both during periods of heightened service demand and during the pandemic.
100% calls
are received
15% outbound calls
are successful
50% faster
case resolution by support operators
Video Conferencing for Communications Platform
Thanks to integration with Voximplant modules at Bitrix24, group video calls for employees in HD, screen sharing and the ability to connect to video calls from a browser, desktop and a mobile app are available. You can now invite external participants to a video conference using a link, even if they are not registered and have not installed the app.
6x times more
possible videoconference participants
1 click
to launch the video link
Automation of Incoming Calls via IVR
Flowwow voice IVR answers customers’ basic questions depending on the current stage of their order. If a customer needs additional information about their order, the call is automatically directed to the responsible shop.
4 days
from an idea to its implementation
30% of calls
are handled by robot
15 scripts
for customer guidance
Cloud Call Center
To provide a customer-friendly service, Grow Food specialists have developed a cloud call center. Grow Food developers built call queues and integrated them with the CRM to display customer data when an inbound call arrives. The solution is based on the Voximplant platform.
20K calls
per month
2 seconds
pass between IVR and the operator’s reply
40 seconds
average waiting time on the line
AI-powered outbound calls
The Hoff hypermarket chain uses automated calls to remind its customers about deliveries. If a customer does not confirm the delivery terms and needs to change an order, the bot puts them through to a call center operator. With delivery reminders, Hoff mitigates delivery disruption risks.
23K reminder calls
per month
10% delivery rate
80% of customers
receive reminders
Telephony Integration for CRM
During the first contact with a new customer, the operator asks questions and sends a request for issuing a card. To speed up the operator’s work, the customer request is sent directly to the CRM system, from which the operator can call the customer with just one click.
1.5K calls
completed per day
10% of calls
monitored for quality control
20 seconds
needed for customer authentication
AI-powered outbound calls
When conducting large-scale risk assessment for the hospitality industry, Preverisk emails a self-assessment questionnaire to each hotel, excursion, or other type of travel supplier. If the email address is incorrect, discarded by reception or a SPAM filter, or simply ignored, Preverisk employs automated phone calls by Voximplant to get the correct email address and remind the invitees to fill out the questionnaire.
42% response rate
to survey completion reminders
20x faster
94% less expenses
for call centers
Phone number masking and call management is an automotive classified for new and used cars. The client base of the company is considered to be one of the largest in the Russian market, both in C2C and B2C advertisements. The offering consists of private cars, commercial vehicles, and automotive services. in the number of ads and calls made to car dealers. Each day the website and the app is visited by two million users.
24/7 works
advanced call routing
100% of calls
which are missed routed to the IVR
< 7% of calls
are forwarded from the IVR to alternative seller
Automated Cold Calling
AltoCar uses Voximplant Kit to automatically call cold contacts and build a base of potential customers who may need the company’s services. This process combines live operator voice recordings and Voximplant Kit call management tools.
87% conversion
from call to received response
0.1 dollars
average cost of a survey
3 hours
to call a base of 350 people
Automated appointment reminders and feedback collection
Avilon Automotive Group, with the help of Voximplant, automated the processes of reminding about visits to a service center and collecting feedback. The company introduced voice robots, since the telephone remains the most popular means of interaction. Now, if a customer does not reply through other channels, the robot calls to remind about a visit to the service center, and gathers feedback on the quality of service provided.
20% of operators’ workload
robot takes on
67% success rate
in robot calls to humans
Smart Call System for Delivery Service
An automated call alerts CDEK customers that the courier will deliver a package within an hour. The customer then notifies whether he is ready to accept, transfer, cancel the order or would like to contact the courier via IVR. The command to initiate the call is made by the courier inside the mobile app and in it he sees the customer’s response.
4,000 calls
are made daily by the service
30 seconds
for the courier to receive a response from the client
+2 addresses a day
each courier can serve
Automated Feedback Collection
KeyAuto uses Voximplant to automatically collect feedback on the results of a car purchase and a customer's state technical inspection. The robot greets customers by name and asks them to rate a number of criteria on a scale from 1 to 10. Expanded responses are transcribed and saved in rich text form.
47% conversion
from call to received response
2 weeks
to roll out the project from the idea stage to the first customer calls
100% of serveys
are handled by the robot
Automated Order Confirmation
igooods uses Voximplant Kit to automatically confirm order and delivery options. Immediately after an order is placed in the online store, the robot calls the customer and receives confirmation using speech synthesis and recognition. If the customer would like to change the order or ask a question during the call, he/she can switch to the contact center operator.
87% lower
operator workload
95% of orders
are confirmed or canceled without the participation of an operator
5 days
from the idea to the launch of the first calls
Online Call from Mobile App, a leading player in Russia’s online booking market, has implemented audio calls to a mobile app so that customers can contact support from any city or country. The user just needs to log on to the Internet and click the "Internet call" button in his personal account.
2 days
for the development and rollout of online calls
10% of calls
go through the mobile app
0 dollars
the company spends on roaming expenses
Automated Reminders for Delivery Service
Pony Express customers can receive a parcel from abroad only after they provide their passport details to the Federal Customs Service. Pony Express reminds customers of this to ensure that the delivery is made as quickly as possible. First by SMS and a day later by the Voximplant robot.
95% of clients
fill out the declaration within 12 hours after a call from a robot
4x cheaper
to use a robot than a human operator
3 days
for development and rollout
Automated Processing of Loan-Related Calls
The Aimee platform developed by Ak Bars Bank speeds up the process of reviewing customer applications. If the data provided is insufficient to make a decision, the robot calls the client and asks additional questions. Call logic, including speech synthesis and recognition, is embedded in the Voximplant interface.
3K+ calls
are made by a robot per month
29% of requests
are screened out as unsuitable for issuing a loan
2 weeks
for technical integration of Aimee and Voximplant
Automated voice notifications
Uralsib Bank uses Voximplant Kit, a call editor from Voximplant, to notify customers automatically by phone.
5К calls
per month
3x reduction
in communication costs
30 minutes
to create a scenario
Automated order confirmation
In the period leading up to New Year’s Day, the number of orders in online store increases exponentially, and the company is forced to temporarily hire about 60 new call center operators to confirm each order. Now this process is automated: customers are interviewed by a robot and data in the CRM system is automatically updated.
55% reduction
in the operators’ workload
5.4 times cheaper
to use a robot than an operator
60 operators
are replaced by a single robot during high season
Virtual Doctor’s Visit
Thanks to the Voximplant video solution, online consultations with specialists are now available to patients of the Scandinavia Clinic. A customer can call a doctor from a web browser or mobile app without installing any additional programs. The connection is encrypted and completely secure.
7K consultations
have been conducted since the start of the project
400 physicians
are connected to the platform
30 minutes
an average consultation lasts
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