Customer stories
Online Call to Contact Center
To make a call from a web browser or from the S7 Airlines app, customers use ready-made Voximplant components (online call button). All calls are sent to the IVR system. Once the request topic is determined, the call is then redirected to an operator of the appropriate skill group. S7 Priority members calling from the app or from the website are able to use a dedicated line that bypasses the IVR system. Incoming calls can be recorded.
million PASSENGERS serviced annually
146 destinations
all over the world
3000 employees
in 2017
Phone Number Masking
A customer calls a virtual phone number and the call connects with the Voximplant cloud platform. The platform requests the driver’s number from Wheely, calls the driver, and records the call. The «callee», whose real phone number is «masked» and set to the virtual one is then able to contact the driver anonymously.
Across Europe and Russia
Or less average service time
Downloads on Google play & App Store
Telephony with SIP Connections
Bitrix24’s team has used Voximplant cloud JavaScript and HTTP API to create a full-featured virtual IP PBX. Voximplant’s Web SDK was used to create a softphone for both web and mobile apps. Bitrix24 customers can now connect and configure PBX within a few minutes, directly from Bitrix24’s web interface.
phone numbers across the globe
calls made monthly
where Bitrix24 telephony is available
Telephony for JivoChat
We chose Voximplant because it made development easy, and because the technology has the key capabilities that we need to expand our service. Installation has been quick and simple because Voximplant has done most of the work for us. We’ve had no problems with Voximplant and we're excited to add this functionality to JivoSite and have it provide our customers with the ease and efficiency they need.
sites where JivoChat's solution is implemented
20 languages
24/7 support
anytime, anywhere
Outgoing Calls to the Customers
The Voximplant cloud is integrated with the Service Volunteers system. When the available-to-call command is used, the Voximplant cloud calls the available customer directly from the browser of the bank top manager. After the connection is established, the Voximplant cloud issues a command to the contact center to show the customer file. Calls are recorded if necessary.
1 month
spent on developing a contact center
500 executives
connected to the dialing system
115 active
top managers
Smart IVR with Voice Recognition
Voximplant manages the unique stack of technologies that allowed Sberbank to launch the revolutionary service «Virtual operator Anna» without capital investments in infrastructure and in a fairly short amount of time.
1 month
from idea to production
service response accuracy
up to 20%
contact center optimisation
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