Programmable Voice

Integrate voice communications channels to your web or mobile service.
Programmable Voice
Improved Response Rates

Reach More Customers with Voice Calling

Some customers enjoy texting, while others prefer phone calls. Voximplant’s global cloud infrastructure includes everything to easily integrate and manage voice calling to cover a larger audience.

How it works?

On-demand delivery platforms and taxi services use voice calling to boost customer service and sales. If a customer ignores text messages, he’ll likely answer the phone and pick up his order or get into a cab. Here’s how it works with ride-hailing cab services.

Cloud IDE

Embed Voice into Your App with a Few Lines of Code

Designed for developers and product leaders, Voximplant Platform makes it easy to build and manage voice apps. Edit, execute, and debug your code instantly from our purpose-built Cloud IDE. Your code executes automatically when a call arrives at the platform.

You can add PSTN, SIP, or VoIP calling into any app, website, or service using a comprehensive suite of SDKs for nearly any environment. Start responding to customers with a few lines of code deployed in the cloud.

Embed Voice into Your App with a Few Lines of Code

Automate Customer Communications using Out-of-the-Box NLP

Avatar is an out-of-the-box NLP natively integrated into Voximplant Platform. Build voice and chatbots that actually work.

Focus on your business logic

Focus on your business logic

No need to deal with vendors, write complex backend logic, set up integrations or transfer customer data. We take care of the heavy lifting so that you can get to market faster and at a lower cost.

State of the art ML models

State of the art ML models

Avatar offers advanced tools and industry-leading ML practices. With full flexibility and customizable conversation flows you can easily create more human-like interactions for your customers.

Create communication flows with JS

Create communication flows with JS

You don’t need to be an expert in software or ML engineering. Voximplant Avatar can be used by anyone who knows basic JavaScript.

Integrate with Third-Party Services

With Voximplant, you can easily integrate with any external business system using APIs. We enable you to connect voice apps with your CRM, cloud PBX, internal database, conversational AI or analytics services. Those who want to automate customer communications with Smart IVRs and voicebots can use our bre-built conversational AI integrations:

What Can You Build

Here’re the most commonly embedded voice apps. You can create the same one or a completely unique voice experience. Your imagination is the limit.

Cloud PBXs
Cloud Contact Centers
Phone Number Masking
In-Game Voice Chat
P2P Audio Calls Between Apps
Auto Dialers


To automate appointment reminders and marketing surveys.

Why Choose Voximplant

Incredible uptime with low latency

Our global data center network is distributed on 5 continents. Make phone calls with HD audio and low latency wherever you are.

GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant

Build your voice app with enterprise-grade security that meets global compliance, including GDPR and ISO 27001.

AI integrations

Enhance customer experience and intelligently automate processes using pre-built integrations to AI providers for human-like speech and bots.

Key Features

Phone numbers

We allow you to buy mobile, landline, toll-free, and virtual phone numbers

Audio call recordings

Recorded files are stored in the Voximplant cloud for three months by default

SIP trunking

A virtual alternative to a traditional phone line in IP telephony. SIP trunks carry media data over the IP network

SIP registration

Allows you to register existing customer SIP phones or SIP endpoints with the Voximplant cloud

Speech synthesis/TTS

Speech recognition/STT

Answering Machine Detection/AMD

Recognizes a voicemail when you call your customers. Our AMD system is pre-trained to ensure 99% detection accuracy

Long codes

A standard 10-digit phone number used to make and receive voice calls.

Call transcriptions

Call forking

Secure SIP

Call lists

Dialogflow Connector

Opus audio codec

Voximplant's audio codec which has a low algorithmic delay – 26.5 ms by default

Call queues

Allows you to handle large call volumes. While an agent speaks with a caller, all other users are waiting in a queue

Cloud IDE with real-time debugger

for scenario code and divine logging that turn troubleshooting of faulty code into an easy and satisfying process

HD audio

In HD mode, audio is being mixed at 48KHz, all audio sources with a lower sample rate will be resampled to 48KHz