VoxImplant Mobile SDK

We had to spend some time to prepare the documentation and polish the SDK, so it hasn't been available right after the platform launch. Now all VoxImplant developers can download iOS SDK together with a demo project and learn how to use the SDK with the help of our quickstart tutorial and iOS SDK reference. We have implemented all low-level functionality required to work with our cloud platform and mobile OS, so you don't need to care of things like audio encoding/decoding, real-time data transfer, echo cancellation, etc. Adding real-time communication functionality into your iOS mobile app has never been easier. Video support will appear in iOS SDK later this year, we have no exact date yet, but we are working on it. It should be able to work with different endpoints including SIP clients using H.264 codec. P.S. There is one important thing we haven't implemented in the first release of the SDK - operation in background mode, it will become available in the next update very soon. We are already working on Android SDK and plan to release it in December. Stay tuned!