Safari 11 support

2017-09-21 12:03:46
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The latest version of our Web SDK is fully compatible with the new Safari 11 audio/video calls support. Please note that Safari imposes a number of restrictions for voice/video usage:

  • Web page should load with HTTPS
  • If voice or video call is initiated from iframe, this iframe and all iframes in-between should be loaded from the same domain as a website that loads them
  • Video will not autoplay on iOS Safari browser without the explicit user command.
  • Only H.264 video codec is supported, so set H264first flag to “true” while initializing the Web SDK.

User interface should be created in order for video to play during a call. It should be interactive element like an HTML “button” with “onclick” handler that calls “play” method on the “video” HTML element.

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