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Phone Number Masking


How often did you consider masking your private phone number? At first, this question may seem odd but imagine the situation when you order a taxi and, after the trip, the driver starts calling you. That’s not what you normally expect from a taxi service, right? The same is true for the driver: it wouldn’t be great if previous customers would call and distract the driver on the ride or (even worse) on vacation.

First, having a delicate distance between yourself and service workers is much better than having no distance at all. Second, it is important that both parties have the fastest way to contact each other. The Voximplant cloud can easily address these requirements with a phone number masking approach. This article will guide you through all the necessary steps to implement this feature for a simplified case of a single driver and a few customers. Note that this solution is scalable for any number of drivers and customers.



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