Automated COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments for a Government Agency

Innovative software company Idrus has automated the registration process for mass COVID-19 vaccinations for residents of Cantabria in Spain. Working with the regional government of Cantabria, Idrus developed a voice bot based on Voximplant to help residents make vaccination appointments. This simplified the registration procedure as the bot directly calls each citizen to indicate the date, time and place that corresponds for their vaccination.

Our product S-Query is able to make the appointments for the vaccination in natural language making it very easy for all the people to interact with the bot. The voice-bot called “Jano” is able to make the process very effective and friendly. We not only make the registration for vaccination, but we take note of those who cannot go and what is the cause.

Carlos Recio Calzada
Director General, Idrus

As we know, vaccination accelerates the development of herd immunity, through which we can quickly return to normal life. That is why it was important for us to promptly inform the residents of Cantabria about the possibility of getting vaccinated and signing up everyone interested. We are pleased that we managed to reach our goals thanks to the efforts of Idrus and Voximplant

Santiago Garcia
CIO, Department of Health of the Regional Government of Cantabria


Resource-intensive calls to schedule vaccinations

The population of Cantabria exceeds 500,000 people. To personally inform all residents about mass vaccination, a separate call center would be necessary, as well as hiring a large number of operators. This, in turn, would result in additional costs and drag out the duration of the vaccination process.


Automated voice-bot calls

Idrus' in-house product, S-QUERY telephony software, is based on the Voximplant platform. Using this product, the company managed to develop a bot that calls up residents of Cantabria on a daily basis to notify them about vaccination sign ups and find a convenient time for everyone. The telephone campaign is done manually: every day the manager downloads contact information for the calls to be made and then activates the bot.


The average conversation with the bot lasts 1.5 minutes. Using speech synthesis and recognition, the bot first confirms the respondent’s ID, then determines whether they are interested in the vaccine. If the answer is affirmative, the bot reads out an available date and time, asks to confirm the appointment, after which it thanks the respondent and ends the conversation. If the answer is negative, the bot attempts to find out why the respondent declined the vaccination offer.


Those who refuse, fail to respond, or reject the proposed date are later contacted by a live operator who offers a convenient vaccination date or confirms the refusal.


If the call is redirected to voicemail, the bot interrupts the call. Idrus submits the call results to the client at the end of every day.

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Convenient and effective automated calls

The voice bot performed the amount of work that live operators would hardly have been able to do in such a short time, since on average the bot sets appointments for 8,000 residents per week. Using this technology, more than 75% of the respondents accept the proposed date of vaccination, and the other 25% give the reason for refusing. The respondents also noted how friendly the voice bot was. 


Moving forward on the automation path, Idrus also intends to roll out a CRM system.

Automated COVID-19 Vaccination Appointments for a Government Agency

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