Call Center for Travel Consulting Company

One of 12Go’s top priorities is to create a first-class customer support service, available ​​24/7, in various languages. In order to meet this goal, a tool would need to be integrated into the company’s CRM, which would make available to the operator not only information in the existing CRM database but also new customer information in real-time.

Voximplant’s task was automating phone calls processed within our support team. I want to note the flexibility of the platform tools and integration, because it was required to establish interaction with the self 12Go CRM. Of course, this is not as simple as in the case of “boxed” services, but Voximplant experts were able to quickly resolve all the issues that arose initially. As a result, we have a fully working system for handling incoming and outgoing calls. Technical support staff got simple and effective work tools at their disposal, and company management was provided with quality analysis and control.

Arseniy Vasylenko
Chief Support Officer, 12Go

How it works


Cloud storage and programming interface


Virtual phone system


Tools for rapid application development


Script integration with any application


Efficiency. 12Go received a reliable tool to analyze the work of their support team. 

Analytics. Weekly generated reports showed an accurate calculation of the amount of time spent on all support calls.

Convenience. Support staff was able to immediately see the entire history of a customer during a call. 

Protection. Records of all calls are now stored in the archive, which is useful when resolving disputes. 

Reach. Support staff no longer need to use conventional telephones. 

Call Center for Travel Consulting Company

12Go was founded in Singapore in 2013 as a travel consulting company. Their customers are primarily travelers who want to organize their own trips but need assistance in the planning stages, especially for places with difficult routes and complex transport systems.



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