Video Solution for Dating App

Pure is a dating app and a site for anonymous video chatting that has allowed users to keep dating even at the height of the pandemic. Calls can be made directly from the browser or the app itself and the connection is encrypted, so there are no security concerns. For those who would like to have greater anonymity, there’s a video chat option to "wear" an AR mask.

Not every chat should end with a date, but it should definitely be a pleasurable experience. It is important for us to provide the most user-friendly communication options, and with the help of Voximplant, we managed to roll out video chats that are fully consistent with Pure’s requirements and are comfortable for our users. We came up with virtual masks that conceal faces, as well as an animated background that interacts with the user in the video, and the platform's functionality allows us to implement all our ideas. We are now developing in-app video as one of our core business areas.

Olga Petrunina
CEO, Pure App


Request for new online communication formats

Previously, Pure users could swap text, photos, and audio messages. However, with the rollout of the app, there was a request for a new communication format that would make it possible for people to get to know each other better before meeting offline.


Moreover, at the height of the pandemic, the video chat function was essential for the versatile communication of Pure users who were under lockdown. Users did not feel like denying themselves the delights of “shameless dating”, nor did they wish to risk privacy when moving to other platforms.


Video calls via browser or mobile app

Integration of the video service into the mobile app and Pure website enabled users to make video calls using only a smartphone or computer with internet access. The Voximplant SDK, embedded in the customer’s iOS and Android apps, and also built into the website, receives requests to initiate video calls in a script written on the platform. The Voximplant platform then connects the two users. Using the backbone of Voximplant, Pure quickly redesigned the interface to blend in with the app’s design. The built-in video button also simplified the video meeting process: click to call.

To maintain anonymity, the app prompts users to “wear” a virtual mask before calling. In case the user accepts an inbound video call, the mask is put on automatically, and then it can be changed. If in the process of communication the virtual mask “falls off”, the blurring effect (blurring of the screen) is automatically triggered.

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Secure way to communicate within the application

Digitalization made it possible to make even the most candid communication between users as flexible and convenient as possible. Video chats with AR masks, most importantly, ensured safe, live communication at arm’s length. In addition, the ability to hook up remotely has become an excellent alternative for those who prefer to stay at home (not only during a pandemic) or would like to get to know each other better before meeting in person.


In the future, Pure plans to develop video communication as a strategic direction. Before long, users will be able to communicate using animated characters, i.e. avatars, and an animated background interacting with a character will also be available. Lastly, the next release is expected to feature group video and audio calls.

Video Solution for Dating App

Pure is a dating app and a site for sexting and video chats. It’s an online ad board with personal ads where you can find whatever you need: from intriguing online conversations and video chats to spontaneous encounters.



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