Omnichannel Contact Center for an Airline

IT infrastructure and services company NTT DATA has developed a cognitive contact center for an airline company in partnership with Voximplant. The integrated solution – eva AI and Voximplant Platform – enabled the company to create better customer experiences and drive increased revenue. Moreover, it provides the airline company’s customer support in more than 35 countries, processing nearly 600K monthly phone calls.

Voximplant is the fastest and easiest tool to create an omnichannel contact center. The most important advantage is its scalability combined with incredible uptime. We should mention that we didn’t experience any issues. Throughout our collaboration, Voximplant proved again and again that we could trust this platform. Moreover, we always have 24/7 support and help from the Voximplant team and this is something that is very rare nowadays among big tech companies.

Santiago Santa María
Product Director

We needed a partner to manage everything behind the scenes, so we could focus on what we do best. NTT DATA makes things that were once impossible, simple.

The alliance of Voximplant and NTT DATA provides unique opportunities for clients. On the one hand, this collaboration presents a combination of the best innovations in the field of voice from ICPaaS, on the other hand, a huge experience in enterprise clients and well thought-out end-to-end solutions. While working with NTT DATA team, we were amazed by the deep expertise of our colleagues in cutting edge technologies and for us it is also a confirmation of the class of our technologies, since NTT DATA chose Voximplant for collaboration.

Sergey Poroshin
Co-founder & Business Development Director


Unsatisfactory level of customer service and overloaded operators

Given that the airline receives thousands of calls and messages daily and has thousands of clients all around the world who need help, the company needed a simple, flexible and scalable solution. Initially, the company tried to integrate a chatbot into  WhatsApp. However, the chosen solution appeared to have low performance capability. As more customers sought assistance, the load on the operators increased and customer dissatisfaction also grew as they faced long wait times or were unable to contact support at all. 


Artificial intelligence for omnichannel customer support

The airline turned to Voximplant to leverage their AI solution with NTT DATA  in order to create a simple, yet flexible solution to support clients without increasing workload for operators.

The incoming IVR was changed to intellectual call routing to the contact center using AI case classification. If a customer calls, he or she hears an open question, the answer to which helps AI identify the user's request and independently process it or transfer it to the appropriate department. The integration with the CRM system – Salesforce –enables the airline to fully automate such requests as flight status, flight cancellations, check-in, etc, thereby reducing the number of calls to live agents. If the request requires complex support or a client wants to talk to an operator, the call is transferred to an available operator with a transcribed history of interaction, providing useful context.


Additionally, all calls are recorded for quality control. As many queries can be resolved automatically, operators can increase their reach and have greater capacity to handle more complex questions which ultimately improves the customer experience.


How it works


Script integration with any application


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Speech recognition and natural language processing


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Tools for rapid application development

Phone Numbers

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Enhanced customer experience and costs savings

Thanks to the introduction of NTT DATA and Voximplant collaboration, the company improved customer service due to the speed of processing their clients’ requests which led to an 8% increase in their Net Promoter Score and a 20% increase in their retention rate. Moreover, they were able to cut customer service costs by 20%. 

Since automation was introduced the airline company managed to create a first-class customer support service, available ​​24/7, in various languages, which means reducing potential losses to zero.

Omnichannel Contact Center for an Airline

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