Automated Candidate Verification for HR

The HR department of KFC in Russia receives more than 15,000 resumes each month. Some of these applications contain mistakes and others are irrelevant to the position. The implementation of Voximplant modules has solved both problems by screening and eliminating bad resumes.

During the recruitment process, the main problem that we faced was receiving several irrelevant applications that wasted our agents’ time. While these irrelevant
applications were processed, a promising candidate’s response would get overlooked. 

We realized the need for saving time wasted on examining each application. Automated calls were chosen as the quickest and least resource-consuming way of validating resumes. 

Implementation of the new technology has resulted in increased conversion: we currently hire 15-20% of all candidates. Furthermore, we’ve reduced the number of agents processing applications and almost entirely eliminated human-related risks. Thus, we’ve lowered recruitment costs in general, which is crucial for our business, since our franchise partners also use this system for hiring.

Lyudmila Kislova
Head of HR Department, KFC

How it Works


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Script integration with any application


Cloud storage and programming interface

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase

Calls to Phone Network

Worldwide telephone communication


Effectiveness. Agents work only with worthwhile applications, processing 80 candidates per hour.

Speed. Processing period for one application is reduced by 1.5 times.

Cost saving. Number of agents is reduced by 1.5 times.




Automated Candidate Verification for HR

KFC is an international fast food restaurant brand with outlets in 130 countries across the globe. The staff constitutes 300,000 employees, with over 25,000 of them working in Russia and CIS.

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