Automated Candidate Verification for HR

The HR department of KFC in Russia receives more than 15,000 resumes each month. Some of these applications contain mistakes and others are irrelevant to the position. The implementation of Voximplant modules has solved both problems by screening and eliminating bad resumes.
This case is from the Contact Centers industry.
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KFC is an international fast food restaurant brand with outlets in 130 countries across the globe. The staff constitutes 300,000 employees, with over 25,000 of them working in Russia and CIS.

The HR Department uploads the job description and a list of candidates’ phone numbers into its CRM. Voximplant makes several outbound calling attempts. After a successful connection, the robot asks a candidate if they are interested in receiving information about the job. If the candidate agrees, the robot tells them about the position and transfers the call to a call center agent. Before an actual conversation, a KFC employee receives information about the applicant in textual form.

  • tts
  • speech-to-text
  • http-api
  • cloud-js
  • voice-recording
  • phone-numbers
  • PSTN
Automated Candidate Verification for HR

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