Automated Voice Notifications for an Online Psychological Counseling Service

Mindy, an online psychological counseling service, rolled out automatic voice notifications for clients who have pre-selected a call as a way to remind them of an upcoming appointment. Using the Voximplant solution, the platform automatically lets customers know about an upcoming session 10 minutes before it starts.

We were looking for an effective way to automatize the reminders, we discovered Voximplant and it has been superb so far. Voximplant helped us to decrease the rate of non-attendance to our sessions, people really appreciate being reminded only a few minutes before their appointment.

Alexander Rengifo
COO & founder, Mindy


Appointments missed because notifications go unnoticed

Since its inception, Mindy’s online service notified clients of an upcoming appointment only by mail 24 hours before the meeting with the psychologist. However, this method of communication proved to be ineffective. Customers often missed notifications while cleaning their email lists, or did not receive messages at all as they ended up in their spam folder. As a result, the no-show rate was high: clients were unhappy about missing appointments, while the psychologist wasted time waiting for no-shows.


Automating voice notifications

Using the Voximplant solution, the Mindy platform developed and rolled out a bot, which starts calling up clients 10 minutes before an appointment and, using speech synthesis, announces that his or her appointment is scheduled to begin within a certain amount of time.


Every day, the bot, integrated with the booking system on the site, automatically makes calls. The name of the client, their psychologist and the number of minutes before the appointment change depending on the data entered into the system. If the client does not pick up the phone the first time, the system makes another attempt to call.


The psychologist also has the chance to call up clients if they did not show up for an appointment on time. By clicking the "Connect with the client" button, the psychologist can see the status of the call: whether the client picked up the phone, was transferred to an answering machine, or there was a failure and the platform was unable to reach the number dialed.

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Efficient and convenient reminders about an upcoming appointment

Clients of the Mindy platform can initially choose whether to receive notifications only by mail or receive a reminder call from a bot. More than 60% of customers opted for voice notifications. By automating notifications, the platform has not only reduced costs, but also increased customer loyalty by taking into account their wishes. The percentage of profit before appointments has also increased significantly.

Automated Voice Notifications for an Online Psychological Counseling Service

Mindy is an online counseling service with a psychologist. The platform's experts provide psychological assistance and support all over the world. Mindy provides counseling for children, teenagers and adults, engages in family and couple therapy, helps to build relationships with individuals themselves and with others, cope with anxiety, enhance self-esteem and find motivation. All counseling is held online, so people can connect directly from their browser without installing any additional apps.

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