Automated Physician Visits for a Health Center Network

The Polimedica health center network automated doctor house calls using the Voximplant Avatar, significantly reducing the load on their call centers. The integrated solution collects the patient's personal data — name, address, and phone number — and sends it to the medical information system for further processing. The data is stored, processed, and transmitted in accordance with regulatory requirements.

The platform's flexibility makes it easy to deliver the needed functionality. This is important when there is a need for a unique product that can always be adapted to constantly changing business needs.

Maria Terekhova
Developer, Polimedica 


A Call Center Overloaded With Routine Tasks

Polimedica provides a full range of medical services, so they experience a high daily call volume. Patients want doctors to make house calls, consultations on prescribed procedures, clarification on costs for a visit, and more. All calls must be processed manually, making it difficult to deal with routine issues such as patient data collection. The monotonous work takes time from operators, leading to increased waiting time on the line and call center overload.


A "Smart" Bot for Automated Patient Data Collection

Polimedica integrated the Voximplant Avatar solution to automate the collection of patient data for house calls. The solution is now available in three areas of the hospital network: Chelyabinsk, Belgorod, and Veliky Novgorod.
When patients want a house call from a specialist, they select the appropriate option on the voice menu. The bot obtains the patient's full name, phone number, and address where the doctor should visit. If a patient wants to contact an operator for further consultation, the bot can transfer the call to the call center. All conversations are recorded for quality control.

How it works


Script integration with any application


Cloud storage and programming interface


Tools for rapid application development

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


AI for processing real-world inputs like voice commands or texts


Efficient, Flexible and Customized Solutions for Call Centers

Polimedica was able to develop its own bot for testing in a matter of hours using the Voximplant Avatar. The comprehensive solution has freed operators from routine work, and their developers can now create flexible conversation scenarios for natural communication with customers.

Automated Physician Visits for a Health Center Network

Polimedica is a national network of hospitals working with the compulsory medical insurance system. It provides primary health care for adults and children while creating comfortable conditions for hospital stays.

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