Automated Notifications for Students and Teachers

Skyeng uses Voximplant Kit to automatically inform students if they need to top up their balance, about any vacation time that the teacher is taking, as well as remind them of upcoming scheduled lessons.
This case is from the Marketing Automation industry.
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Skyeng is an online English language school for the new generation. The school employs professionals who help those living in major cities with hectic schedules learn English in a completely virtual environment.

Thanks to the HTTP integration of the service with the CRM system, the call is made automatically when a certain event occurs – the student's balance is approaching zero or either the student or teacher is returning from vacation. After dialing, a message is announced to the client using speech synthesis technology. If a customer is asked to answer a question during a conversation, the system “reads” their answer and guides them through the interactive menu. Calls can be recorded for quality control.

  • http-api
  • PSTN
  • phone-numbers
  • cloud-js
  • tts
Automated Notifications for Students and Teachers

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