Automated Notifications for Students and Teachers

2020 was a time of robust growth for many online services, including Skyeng online school – the volume of inbound and outbound communication doubled. Thanks to the HTTP-integration of the Skyeng CRM system with Voximplant Kit it was possible to maintain communication with each customer without incurring major call center costs at increased loads. All numbers in the case study are relevant for October'20.

The Voximplant Kit interface is very user-friendly, while the scripting process is transparent and intuitive. If you have any questions, you can refer to the detailed documentation. In addition, the Voximplant team is always open to suggestions and is ready to work together to fine-tune service so as to meet the needs of its customers.

We also really appreciate prompt support: when you ask a question on the site, rest assured that you will receive a real solution, not an unsubscribe. What’s more, the project manager is always ready to get involved in solving the problem and bring the process to fruition.

Anar Mamedov
Product Manager of Customer Service, Skyeng


Rising workload at call center

Online learning is evolving into a familiar format, and during the pandemic it became virtually the only way to learn. Skyeng Online School did not stand back as the number of students and teachers grew considerably. Due to the sharp rise in customers and doubling of the number of requests, automation became a prerequisite for maintaining a high standard of customer service. Customers needed to be reminded to sign in for a lesson, that a teacher is on vacation or to top up their balance. The cost of one successful contact averaged about $0.35, including callback attempts and telephony expenses, which was prohibitively expensive. The online school faced an overload of the contact center and growing expansion costs.


Automated notifications

Using the Voximplant Kit solution, the Skyeng team rolled out, tested, and launched several new business processes in a brief span of time. The HTTP integration of the service with the CRM system made it possible to make calls automatically and the ability to record calls enabled the school to monitor service quality and correct any mistakes in a timely manner.

Outbound communication

When a successful outbound call is made, speech synthesis technology reads out a message to the customer. The message depends on the event, which might be a reminder of an upcoming lesson, the student's balance approaching zero, or a teacher on vacation. If the customer is required to answer a question during a conversation, the system recognizes his/her speech and transfers it to the appropriate section of the interactive menu.

Inbound line

If the customer did not have time or was unable to pick up the phone and independently called back within 24 hours, a script initially prepared for the customer is launched. Users who would like to ask additional questions can be switched over to an operator from any automated call. All user data is stored in the CRM system, that is, the operator sees the entire communication history in real time, thus allowing the school to provide better service, as well as reduce call time and call costs.

How it works


Script integration with any application

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase


Cloud storage and programming interface


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Effective and attentive contact-center

Before automation, the high cost per contact and low conversion rates raised the question of whether this business process was really needed, especially in the face of an ever-growing number of students. However, with the help of the implemented solution, Skyeng not only successfully automated communication with users, but also reduced the cost of outgoing calls by 90% – the cost of one contact dropped to $0.038. Lastly, conversion rates increased from 39% to 56%.

Automated Notifications for Students and Teachers

Skyeng is a new-generation online English language school. The school employs professionals who help residents of modern megacities learn English in the face of a lack of time.

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