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Flexible Solution for Call Center

Sentry Health used basic telephony to route incoming patient calls in the process of scheduling doctor's appointments, reminding patients of the appointments, and setting up outbound appointment reminder notifications. To facilitate communication between patients and clinic coordinators, the company uses IVR to switch callers to the proper department of the clinic, as well as speech synthesis if the patient would like to leave a message.

Voximplant Kit has overall been a great platform. One of Vox's strengths is the platform's simplicity. When onboarding new operators, it takes at most 1-2 days for the users to be proficient in operating the platform. The design layout is also intuitive and when new tools are enabled, operators can easily figure out how to use the tools. Team members reported some issues that came up occasionally such as not being able to hear dial-tones on outbound calls or patients not being able to hear our agents on the other line. However, these issues are minor in that they do not inhibit our team from completing tasks and support has been helpful in responding within a few minutes through live-chat in cases where we needed to reach out.

Peter Vuong
Co-Founder, Sentry Health


Long Wait on the Line

Given that Sentry Health gained sufficient experience and expertise in working with call centers, the clinic needed to integrate a simple, yet flexible solution to enhance communication with patients. Long waiting times on the line when switching calls to the desired department prevented not only patients from receiving the necessary information, but also employees from concentrating on more important tasks.


Auto Redial and Call Routing

Sentry Heath uses the Voximplant Kit service to manage all business calls. This solution makes it possible to track metrics such as the number of incoming calls, customer waiting time on the line and the percentage of lost calls in order to maximize the distribution of operators' workload and implement automation.


The first step towards automation was to set up an intelligent IVR system to route incoming calls to the right department, depending on the patient's request.

IVR to Distribute Incoming Calls

When dialing, the patient enters an interactive menu, where the purpose of the call should be stated or the name of the specialist sought. After recognizing the patient's request, the system transfers the call to the appropriate department. If the patient calls after office hours, the built-in speech synthesis technology asks to leave a voicemail message.

Auto Redial on the Outgoing Line

After uploading the list of patient numbers into the Voximplant Kit service, auto redial starts. The administrator or clinic coordinator is connected to the call only after the patient picks up the phone. If the customer did not pick up the phone and the answering machine was activated, the administrator leaves a short message and the information is kept confidential.

How it works


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Interactive Voice Response

Automated Call Distributor

Distribution of incoming calls to given operator groups


Predictive Dialing System


Call Center Cost Saving and Efficiency Gains

Since Sentry Health has a small number of operators, the clinic needed to free them up from routine tasks and redistribute them to solve the most pressing customer issues. So thanks to the introduction of unified telephony and the automation of incoming call handling, the company not only solved the problem of operators but also cut its costs and improved customer service due to the speed of responses to incoming calls.


In the future, Sentry Health plans to improve outbound communication using the Dialogflow platform which will allow the company to collect necessary medical information and feedback on the quality of its service.

Flexible Solution for Call Center

Sentry Health is a technologically integrated healthcare network and solutions provider. Sentry automates patient interaction and engagement along with clinical workflows to improve patient outcomes. Its platform empowers medical organizations by harmonizing the patient experience with clinical processes in order to foster a healthier balance between physician well-being and cost effectiveness.

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