AI-powered Outbound Calls

When conducting large-scale risk assessment for the hospitality industry, Preverisk emails a self-assessment questionnaire to each hotel, excursion, or other type of travel supplier. If the email address is incorrect, discarded by reception or a SPAM filter, or simply ignored, Preverisk employs automated phone calls by Voximplant to get the correct email address and remind the invitees to fill out the questionnaire.

When running large campaigns that require calling 2,000-5,000 hotels per day, the cost of using a human call center limits profit margins and entails longer waiting times for results and overall greater inefficiency. With Voximplant Kit, the interface is not only easy to use but easy to program and have running within a few hours.

Grant Anderson
Commercial Manager, Preverisk

How it works

Voicemail Detection

Detection of voice mail with 97,5% accuracy

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Script integration with any application

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase


Worldwide telephone communication


Cloud storage and programming interface


Time saving. An operator doesn’t waste time on dialing a number, waiting for an answer and talking, but obtains all of the necessary information instantly.

Cost saving. A robot is four times cheaper than a human employee.

Accuracy. A robot has a 0% error rate and is able to call all of the phone numbers without breaks and mistakes.

AI-powered Outbound Calls

Preverisk integrates consulting, auditing, and training services for the tourism and hospitality sector. These types of services include HotelClaim to help hotels control claim investigations, Preverisk Health & Safety Physical and SelfAssessment Audits for both hotel and travel companies, and other products like eQutel for evaluating quality satisfaction.



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Automation area

Сollecting Information, Operator Routine