AI-powered outbound calls

When conducting large-scale risk assessment for the hospitality industry, Preverisk emails a self-assessment questionnaire to each hotel, excursion, or other type of travel supplier. If the email address is incorrect, discarded by reception or a SPAM filter, or simply ignored, Preverisk employs automated phone calls by Voximplant to get the correct email address and remind the invitees to fill out the questionnaire.
This case is from the Contact Centers industry.
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Preverisk integrates consulting, auditing, and training services for the tourism and hospitality sector. These types of services include HotelClaim, to help hotels control claim investigations, Preverisk Health & Safety Physical and SelfAssessment Audits for both hotel and travel companies, and other products like eQutel, for evaluating quality satisfaction.

If two emails remain unanswered, Preverisk runs a Voximplant Kit automated call script. A robot asks for a valid email address and records the answer. Then, an operator listens to the recording and adds the email address to the database and resends the questionnaire.

  • voicemail-detection
  • voice-recording
  • http-api
  • phone-numbers
  • PSTN
  • cloud-js
AI-powered outbound calls

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