Telephony for Carriers and Passengers

In standard operating mode, a GetTransfer transfer is booked online, but there are situations when a call has to be made. Thanks to the rollout of a full-fledged operator's workplace via the web interface, the company’s managers achieved a 50% increase in case resolutions. GetTransfer provided support for passengers and carriers both during periods of heightened service demand and during the pandemic.

Sometimes we’ve only got minutes to get to an airport urgently or organize the transportation of a large team to a corporate event. Our team solves these problems every day around the globe and therefore, efficient and organized communication between carriers and passengers is one of our priorities.

With Voximplant, our team was able to quickly implement a solution that allowed us to organize outgoing and incoming communication flows and minimize the waiting time for customers.

We also appreciated the flexibility of Voximplant as we got a tailor-made solution that works for our operators and business needs.

Alexander Sapov


Overloaded contact centers during the pandemic processes thousands of transportation requests from around the world every day. To achieve the best level of service, the company automated some tasks even before the pandemic, and in spring 2020 the company became convinced that this technological solution was working. At that time, the support team began receiving a number of unusual requests: customers were interested in how the service operated in a specific region, whether it was possible to cancel or reschedule a booking, and specific features about restrictions and preventive measures for carriers. When dealing with these issues, operators needed more time to find additional information and connect with carrier partners.


Fortunately, the company was already prepared for an increased workload at the call center, which helped maintain service at the proper level.


Smart distribution of calls among operators

Using the Voximplant platform, the company wrote an extension for Google Chrome to work with outbound and inbound customer requests in a web interface, while all information on transfer bookings and call history is available in the customer card.


Routing Inbound Calls 

GetTransfer has implemented scenarios for forwarding calls and distributing incoming calls, taking into account the availability and qualifications of operators, thus allowing the company to quickly connect the customer with the right specialist. Such a set-up makes it possible to quickly resolve even the most complex issues through a single contact.


Optimizing Outbound Calls 

Since users call from a cell phone, when an outbound call is made, the call is automatically identified from the phone that will be easier and more convenient for both parties. First of all, it depends on the country in which the customer's phone number is registered: it is more convenient for the user to receive a call from his/her home region, so the appropriate phone number is selected. Second, if the customer had previously communicated with the company by phone, he/she could save the number, and for the sake of convenience the second call is made from that number.

Thanks to this extension for Google Chrome, the odds of an inbound call from a user being missed is quite rare. If this does happen, within a few minutes the operator calls the customer back as the former tracks missed calls using a ticket system.

If the service fails to reach the customer, an email is sent to the latter with detailed information, or the operator makes a second call if the customer provided a phone number as the preferred means of communication.

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Effective and convenient communication between customers and the service

With operations spanning the globe, it is important that customers can get help at any time of the day or night, so the support team is available 24/7. Even though transportation is currently very challenging, which, in turn, has given rise to a number of non-standard requests, GetTransfer has still managed to provide end-to-end support to its customers and make sure they reach their final destination. 


Thanks to the Voximplant solution, GetTransfer has been able to process 100% of inbound calls, while boosting the speed of case resolution by operators by 50%. The number of successful outbound calls since the rollout of the system has increased by 15%. Furthermore, communication costs have dropped as a result of automatic dialing mode, since calls made this way will be more convenient for both parties.

Telephony for Carriers and Passengers is an international transfer bookings and chauffeured car rentals anywhere in the world.



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