Telephony for Carriers and Passengers

With the help of Voximplant, the company used a web interface to configure call routing, incoming distribution, and outgoing scripts for its operators.
This case is from the Contact Centers industry.
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About company is an international service to order transfers on any route and arrange hourly car rental with a driver around the world.

Communication between passengers and carriers takes place inside the service, but if the situation is more complex, customers can request to speak to a human operator. Using the Voximplant platform, the company has written an extension for Google Chrome in which operators can make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls, while all information about transfers and call history is available in the customer card (CRM).

Moreover, scenarios for call forwarding and incoming distribution are implemented according to the availability and specialization of operators.The decision on transferring to a particular specialist is based on the country from which the call is received and the type of caller – passenger, carrier, B2B client, or new contact. Outgoing scenarios are also configured using an algorithm to determine from which number it would be most economical for the company to make an outgoing call and when to call, depending on the client’s country and past call history with the company.



  • http-api
  • PSTN
  • phone-numbers
  • cloud-js
Telephony for Carriers and Passengers

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