Telephony for Live Chat

Voximplant’s integration with JivoChat enables the consumers of the businesses that use this platform to call the sales representatives they are chatting with directly via their web browser.
This case is from the Contact Centers industry.
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About company

JivoChat provides a truly convenient, easy-to-use, and affordable live chat solution for businesses. Founded in January 2012, JivoChat helps more than 260,000 websites worldwide to make conversations with customers more simple, increasing online sales and improving the quality of online customer support.

  • 260K+SITESwhere JivoChat's solution is implemented
  • 20LANGUAGESsupported
  • 24/7supportanytime, anywhere

In order to start a cloud scenario, JivoChat sends a request to the Voximplant HTTP API. That scenario first establishes a phone connection to the operator, then to the client, and connects the two. All operator-initiated calls can be recorded on request. JivoChat’s widget, powered by Voximplant Web SDK, allows clients to call directly from a web browser. A cloud scenario running inside Voximplant Cloud routes the call to an operator, who receives it via the JivoChat web app. All clientinitiated calls can be recorded on request.

Telephony for Live Chat

How it Works


  • Convenience
    Customers can install JivoChat’s widget in just minutes
  • Speed
    Calls connect to an operator within a few seconds
  • Reach
    JivoChat’s web-based call capabilities serve more than 140,000 connected websites

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