Video Conferencing for Communications Platform

Thanks to integration with Voximplant, modules at Bitrix24, group video calls for employees in HD, screen sharing and the ability to connect to video calls from a browser, desktop and a mobile app are available. You can now invite external participants to a video conference using a link, even if they are not registered and have not installed the app.


Limited remote communication capabilities

In 2020, due to the massive switchover to remote working, the need for high-quality video communication sharply increased. Bitrix24 was aware of the change even before the pandemic broke out and included in its business rollout plan the upgrade of its on-premise video conferencing. Video calls and a limited mode of video conferencing (up to four participants) in Bitrix24 were already up and running, but the new goal was to launch video conferencing with a large number of participants.


HD video calls for browser, desktop and mobile app

The previous solution was implemented on the basis of WebRTC technology; to expand the functionality with Voximplant, special SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit) servers were used, which redirect audio and video streams between conference participants. For example, the transmission and reception of data from the SFU server still runs on the WebRTC protocol, but there is a paradigm shift: previously, conference call participants used peer-to-peer video calls. And now we are pleased to offer the client–server version, which significantly reduces outbound traffic and CPU usage of the participants.


The solution for Bitrix24 based on the Voximplant platform required 1.5 months of work on the user interface and integration with the company's existing product. When working on the Bitrix24 solution, we also used voice activity detection, the selection of streams to be displayed to an individual participant, screen sharing, and a number of other Voximplant products.

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Group video links in a single workspace

As a result, Bitrix24 rolled out HD video calls, which do not require pooling employees in different services. Now, to discuss work issues with colleagues, you can call in one click directly from the meeting in the event calendar, chat, or live feed. All files, documents, and voice records are stored in Bitrix24 and remain confidential.


Users have the ability to connect to video calls from a browser, desktop or mobile app. You can also invite external participants to the video conference using a link even if they are not registered and have not installed the app.

Due to the 2020 pandemic, most communications have moved online. Video communication began to replace our conventional communication with colleagues, customers and partners. The service has 8 million registered companies around the world and we feel that we have a huge responsibility for the quality and smooth running of video communication. Therefore, the choice of a partner company and a technology platform was extremely important for us. With Voximplant, we have radically upgraded and customized our entire toolkit of group video calls.

Ekaterina Shelenkova
Product Manager, Bitrix24

Video Conferencing for Communications Platform

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