Seamless Telephony Integration for Cloud CRM

Bitrix24 uses Voximplant to create a cloud PBX for its flagship CRM. With Voximplant’s technology, a Bitrix24 user can make and receive calls directly from a web browser, automatically receive information about the caller, and much more.

While new communication tools like social networking, video conferencing, and group chat have been growing in popularity over the years, telephony still reigns supreme when it comes to business in general and sales in particular. What we liked about Voximplant is that it is extremely easy to integrate with other communication channels, especially since it stays up-to-date with the newest technologies, like WebRTC.

Dmitry Valyanov
Vice President, Bitrix24

We spent around a month integrating Voximplant with our existing services, which I think was an efficient process and yielded great results considering the complexity of underlying technologies that were built by Voximplant’s engineering team and the number of our services that were affected by the integration. We’ve been in communication when questions arise about the platform, and the Voximplant team has always been responsive and helpful.

Evgeniy Shelenkov
Lead developer, Bitrix24

How it works

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase


Script integration with any application


Cloud storage and programming interface


Virtual phone system


Tools for rapid application development


Scalability. Over 3,000 phone numbers and more than 3.5 million calls per month.

Coverage. Bitrix24’s Voximplant-powered solution is active in 59 countries.

Integration. CRM and telephony integration has increased Bitrix24’s sales.

Recording. Easy call recording and records make work management simple.

SIP. SIP‑phones support.

Connectivity. External PSTN and PBX connectivity.

Seamless Telephony Integration for Cloud CRM

Bitrix24 is a social collaboration platform created specifically for small to medium size organizations that want to work and communicate more effectively. The service comes with over 35 tools, such as company directory, CRM, extranet workgroup, and invoice solutions, many of which use telephony.



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