In today's business world, sales, support, and marketing teams often have to use multiple different systems to interact with customers. This can lead to inefficiencies, data loss, and customer dissatisfaction.

The new Voximplant Kit integration with HubSpot brings together telephony and CRM into a single system. This gives employees a complete view of customer interactions, enabling them to make more informed decisions.

Here are some of the benefits of the Voximplant Kit integration with HubSpot:

  • Improved productivity: Employees can quickly and easily find the information they need about customers, saving them time and increasing their efficiency.
  • Enhanced customer service: Employees can provide customers with more personalized and high-quality service based on data from CRM.
  • Reduced costs: The integration allows to reduce the cost of maintaining multiple different systems as we do not charge for the usage of the application, utilizing a pay-as-you-go payment model and concurrent licensing to further enhance affordability.

Key Features of Voximplant Kit's Integration


Rather than having to manually type in numbers or switch applications, teams can directly call customers from Hubspot via the Voximplant Kit softphone.

Auto call logging for easier follow-ups

Call recordings, call duration, and on-call notes are automatically added to new call engagements.

Associate calls with entities

Create call logs in the required entities, such as contacts, companies, deals, or tickets.

Instant caller identification

Be ready for any call by previewing caller information before accepting a call, as well as seeing a history of past interactions with the caller.

Perform call transfers between agents

Strengthen collaboration among your team members by smoothly executing call transfers between agents, boosting efficiency without the need to call the prospect back.

Set your status to accept or block interactions

Take control of your interactions in the CRM — easily set your status to either accept or block communications, tailoring your engagement to your workflow.

Connect HubSpot with Voximplant Kit today

Are you prepared to elevate the performance of your sales and support teams by integrating a CRM system with a cloud-based call center? Take advantage of the HubSpot integration offered by Voximplant Kit now, initiating enhanced customer experiences and streamlining team efficiency simultaneously.

Integration takes just minutes to set up. Simply connect your Voximplant Kit softphone to your HubSpot account.

Note that the integration is currently in beta. Reach out to the Voximplant Kit support team for assistance with the setup via email at or through the chat below.