SIP Trunking

Get access to new markets. Add new features to your PBX. Save costs on international calling.
SIP Trunking

Expand Your Telephony Coverage

Some telecom providers don’t allow you to make calls in regions you want to expand to or they may charge excessively. With SIP Trunking, you can easily build a bridge between your PBX and the Voximplant cloud to make phone calls to 190+ countries.

Bring New Functionality to Your PBX

Some PBXs are not flexible enough to build complex communications apps such as IVRs, voicebots, AMDs, and call centers. If you want to add new features to your PBX, you can embed Voximplant Platform into your infrastructure to process complex scenarios.

Automate Customer Communications

For instance, Voximplant Platform allows you to build Smart IVRs to automatically handle and route inbound customer calls to your agents. In this case, SIP trunks will transfer customer calls from your PBX to our cloud and then to agents.

Enjoy International Calling with Local Rates

We offer you phone numbers from 60 countries and calling to 190+ countries. You can make international calls with local rates wherever you’re located. The price for international calls starts at $0.013 per minute.

Enjoy International Calling with Local Rates

Our Customer Stories

Explore what companies similar to yours have built with Voximplant.

What You Can Build and Connect

Key Features

SIP video support

Video calling and gateway functionality.

Per-minute pricing

Use as many trunks as needed with a simple low per minute on each call. Per 6 second or per second billing can also be negotiated if you have significant volume.

Broad codec support

Works with G.711 (u-law and a-law), G.722, Opus, ILBC, H.264, and VP8.


SDES and DTLS support to encrypt media.

SIP TLS support

Secure signaling transport.

App integration

Direct routing into & control with your serverless VoxEngine application.

Management API

Optionally use our management API to control and modify your SIP trunk.

Whitelist access control

Control which IP addresses can connect via console or API.

Why Choose Voximplant

SIP agility

We can interconnect different codecs and encryption protocols. If you want more security, we can deploy IPsec VPN tunnels.

Global infrastructure

Our data center network covers 5 continents. You get high-quality connections wherever your customers are.

AI integrations

We offer pre-built AI integrations with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM so you can automate customer communications in 118 languages.