Smart IVR

Speech recognition and natural language understanding for automated inbound request processing

Voximplant Smart IVR customers have shown:

  • One IVR can be deployed in multiple regions supporting dozens of languages and dialects
  • Scalability and handling peak loads is no longer a concern due to Voximplant’s scalable infrastructure that you don’t need to manage
  • Voximplant's IVR solution can be setup and deployed 5 to 10 times faster than a typical outsourced call center

Automate Business Communications with IVR

Achieve hassle-free phone interactions with a smart IVR. Our smart IVR incorporates an AI engine that provides fast and convenient responses to your customers:

Speech recognition

With speech recognition and natural language understanding, callers can interact with the IVR in their normal speaking voice. It eliminates the need to use keypad input and overly complicated menu prompts.

Natural language understanding

The advanced technology is capable of recognizing caller intents without the user having to use precise wording. Some interactions can even be conducted without requiring a live agent at all.

Automatic handover to live agents

If the user requires an operator at some point, the IVR solution will route it to an employee from a relevant department or a relevant agent queue.

Comprehensive IVR

Sophisticated Smart IVR solutions like Voximplant’s can handle both inbound and outbound scenarios.

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Voximplant features

Skills-Based Routing

Drag & drop to build your Smart IVR solution in minutes using our templates with no coding required

Flexible DTMF & voice control

DTMF or speech entry for 40 unique language dialects covering localized needs in more than 30 countries

Many Synthesized Voice options

Many voice options - nearly 250 unique voice options from several major synthesis providers with SSML support to give your Smart IVR a voice that matches your brand

Outbound and inbound call flows

Outbound and inbound scenarios support for handling outgoing call campaigns in addition to dial-ins

SIP connectivity

SIP connectivity options for transferring calls into and out of the Smart IVR from your existing infrastructure

Conversational AI

Conversational AI integration with Dialogflow allows less structured interaction and more with Google’s powerful bot technology