Outbound Contact Center

Increase agent productivity. Make more money.
Outbound Contact Center

Increase Outbound Agent Productivity

An outbound contact center helps optimize agent efficiency so they can spend more time talking with customers. Advanced technologies, including AI, enable agents to achieve their goals: close sales, convert leads, raise funds, schedule appointments, or collect debt.

It takes at least 18 dials

to connect with a prospect by phone, on average (Gartner)

41% of salespeople

say the phone is their most effective sales tool (Sales Insights Lab)

The number 1 priority

for sales development teams is dialing automation (Gartner)

The solution supports a wide range of outbound use cases

The Voximplant Kit outbound contact center solution combines AI-driven automation, an advanced dialer and powerful campaign management tools to dramatically increase agent productivity. It is a cost-effective cloud-based solution that gives your organization global reach while conveying a local presence to your customers.


Voicebot screening

Qualify customers before connecting with agents.


Web to call

Automatically connect inbound web leads to live agents.


Business process outsourcing

Drive custom campaigns for each client.


Click to call

Enable agents to dial phone numbers from their CRM screen.


Neighborhood dialing

Initiate calls using a source phone number country/area code that matches the destination number to increase answer rates.

Best of Breed AI

Voximplant Kit features flexible, AI-driven voicebot and chatbot technologies that increase agent productivity. They enable you to screen prospects and customers before connecting them to a live agent and avoid connecting agents to hang-ups. You can ensure they speak only to the most qualified prospects.

AI Integration

Our solution is tightly integrated with the top 6 AI engines in the world, enabling you to deliver life-like interactive services in 40 languages. You can engage customers with sophisticated interactive conversational exchanges that maintain context, and your choice of up to 150 different synthesized voices to create a memorable brand identity.

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Improve Efficiency

AI enables our dialer to accurately detect voicemail. This enables you to ensure agents only speak to live customers. It also provides the option to play a recorded message to the voicemail system, instead of simply disconnecting the call.

Campaign Management

The Voximplant Kit solution includes powerful campaign management tools to streamline your outbound calling and engage callees with personalized information. An advanced dialer automatically initiates calls based on a schedule and contact lists. It ensures contacts are called at times appropriate for their local time zone.
Each campaign can be customized using flexible call processing logic. You can add a voicebot or chatbot to engage the callee and integrate an external database to deliver personalized information. Then, you can take a range of actions based on callee responses, including routing them to an agent with appropriate skills.
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Simple Configuration

Campaigns can be configured in minutes using our no-code, drag and drop administrator interface, CX Canvas. In fact, CX Canvas is so easy to use that a complete outbound contact center can be quickly deployed by non technical people. It enables contact center managers to take control of their call center and make it responsive to their needs.

Key Features

The Voximplant outbound contact center solution is a complete cloud-based service that is cost effective to deploy and operate.

Voicebot and chatbot

powered by the top 6 NLP engines in the world for near-human experiences

Advanced dialer

with voicemail detection and progressive and predictive dialing


campaign list management and call processing logic

Live logs

for real time visualization of key metrics

Local phone numbers

in 60 countries with your CallerID

No-code CX Canvas

enables non-technical people to control the service

Flexible CRM integration

for personalized callee interactions

Dynamic source phone number

and CallerID call initiation based on destination number

Skills based routing

HD call recording

that integrates with popular analytics engines

Trusted by the World’s Most Innovative Businesses

40% of debts paid

after receiving a voicebot call

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500 bank managers

automatically survey customers for quality control

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80% of customers

outbound delivery reminders automated by voicebot

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Exceptional Customer Experiences


Best of breed AI integrations

deliver automated services in 40 languages with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Yandex, and Tinkoff


Rapid deployment

in less than ten minutes using our completely self-service administrator portal


Cost efficient

with 50% lower prices than competing CCaaS offerings, you get enterprise-grade services at affordable prices


Truly omnichannel engagement

through voice, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and more social channels, plus email and easy web chat integration


Highly reliable global infrastructure

with 14 diverse PoPs on five continents that provide low latency communications to 190 countries

Explore the Complete Contact Center Solution

The Voximplant Kit Solution Overview describes its complete contact center capabilities, including outbound contact center services.

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