AI-powered Outbound Calls

The Hoff hypermarket chain uses automated calls to remind its customers about deliveries. If a customer does not confirm the delivery terms and needs to change an order, the bot puts them through to a call center operator. With delivery reminders, Hoff mitigates delivery disruption risks.

Delivery reminders used to amount to 40% of all operator calls. With automated calls, Hoff managed to free up the operators’ time for other tasks. Compared to human operators, the bot is able to reach 80% of customers on the phone, while operators were only able to reach 60% of clients. The more customers that are contacted via phone, the more deliveries will be accepted, lowering the risk of disruption.

Voximplant outperforms other telecom providers with its responsiveness and fast solution implementation, as they are available for technical support even on weekends and holidays.

Marina Balysheva
Call Center Manager, Hoff

How it works

Voice Recording

Call recording for quality assurance


Cloud storage and programming interface


Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers


Speech recognition and natural language processing


Script integration with any application


Worldwide telephone communication

Phone Numbers

Business phone number purchase


Cost savings. Reminder automation substitutes seven in-house operators.

Speed. Time-savings for Hoff customers.

Effectiveness. Operators have additional time to solve more complex tasks.


AI-powered Outbound Calls

Hoff is one of the largest companies among Russian furniture chains. It is the only Russian retail chain of furniture and accessories for home working in the hypermarket format.

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