Outgoing Calls to the Customers

After a visit to the bank’s branch, a customer receives a call from the automated quality control service. If a customer gives the experience a low rating, his/ her contact details are loaded in the predictive dialing system to which all bank managers, including top management, have access.
This case is from the Banking industry.
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Founded in 1997, Home Credit Group is an international consumer finance provider with operations in 10 countries. It focuses on responsible lending primarily to people with little or no credit history.

  • 1monthspent on developing a contact center
  • 500executivesconnected to the dialing system
  • 115activetop managers

The Voximplant cloud is integrated with the Service Volunteers system. When the available-to-call command is used, the Voximplant cloud calls the available customer directly from the browser of the bank top manager. After the connection is established, the Voximplant cloud issues a command to the contact center to show the customer file. Calls are recorded if necessary.

Outgoing Calls to the Customers

How it Works


  • Speed
    Contact center developed within one month
  • Convenience
    500 executives connected to the dialing system
  • Scalability
    3,880 calls in October 2016
  • Security

    Separate contact center with access level management

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