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Ready-made solutions for your business and training for your staff

Configure your scenario
S | Simple scenario
M | Medium scenario
L | Large scenario
Personal consultant
Number of blocks in one scenario
up to 20
up to 35
up to 55
The service is provided for
7 days
10 days
15 days
Total consulting time
5 hours
8 hours
20 hours
Typical solutions
  • Gather feedback (NPS/CSI)
  • Promo campaign
  • Informator
  • Reminder
  • An appointment is made
  • Expanded feedback (4+ questions)
  • Handling objections in the scenario
  • Lead Processing Automation (LPA)
  • Multilevel routing (IVR)
  • A few API integrations in one scenario
Integration with your CRM
via the API
via the API
USD 249
USD 449
USD 990

S | Simple scenario

There are usually about 20 blocks with simple routing.
The total number of routes is usually no more than 1 or 2.

M | Medium scenario

You can have an increased number of blocks and routes under this kind of scenario.
For example, your robot can ask specific questions depending on the first client's answer.

L | Large scenario

You can have many routes and possible answers depending on the specific situation.
It's also possible to integrate your scenario via API using the HTTP request block.

Frequently Asked Quastions

  • This is a period of time during which you'll be elaborating a project along with a personal manager assigned to you. The manager helps to define a goal, addresses any questions you may have and configures a scenario for you. This period of time includes initial setup, collaborating and approval: routes, texts, integration data, audio records, etc.

    For example, you might decide to order a large scenario. On Monday you meet or call the manager to discuss the terms of the elaboration. Then over the next 15 days the manager will be working with you, so your active participation in the project will be required.

  • Time is a valuable resource. If, for any reason, it becomes clear that we won't be on time, we'll find a way to satisfy your needs and the deadline will be met. All the projects are in a queue and during the specified period a manager starts the next project from a queue. It's impossible to elaborate two projects at the same time, so you can be sure that your project will be implemented on time and at the highest quality level.

    For this reason, you are kindly requested to plan the time and provide input required for operations within a reasonable timeframe.

    If we are unable to add some functionality we will negotiate a new stage; this might involve extra payment.

  • Payment invoices

  • We'll fix any mistakes quickly and for free. We make improvements only for a Startups plan or higher. If you use the Pay As You Go plan, you can make any improvements on your own. In this case, we are ready to support you via email. Also, we can educate your employees for an additional fee. Please contact us if you are interested.

  • Use our advanced API to integrate with your database, set up trigger calls based on actions in CRM, HRMS (recruitment), and save call results to your system. Tell us which system you would like to integrate with and then we will check and let you know if this is possible (via API).

  • The number of the blocks is merely a rough and ready guide. For example, if you pay for a Simple scenario and there are 23 blocks instead of 20, it won’t be a problem.

    That said, it’s important for you to realize that there is a big difference between a 20-block scenario and a 60-block scenario.

  • This is a period of time when your personal manager will elaborate and test a scenario.