Automated Recruitment Interviews

After selection of the most appropriate candidates from job sites, Vera starts calling candidates using the Voximplant platform. Vera tells a candidate about the job and conducts an interview. After the call, she sends them detailed information about the vacancy and invites for an interview with a manager. HR clients of Vera receive a detailed report with the results of recruiting within an hour.
This case is from the Marketing Automation industry.
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About company

Vera is a robot recruiter. She finds the top candidates 10 times more quickly than a human. Vera calls the candidates, tells them about vacancy details, asks the necessary questions, and answers candidates’ questions.

  • 15%AVERAGE CONVERSIONinto a hired applicant
  • 50KCANDIDATESare called by Vera daily
  • 10ХFASTERthan human operators

Vera sends a list of phone numbers and vacancy descriptions to the platform. Voximplant makes several attempts to dial. Then, Vera asks if a candidate is interested in information about the vacancy (text-to-speech). If the answer is positive (speech recognition), Vera tells the candidate about the job. The company uses machine learning so that the robot can conduct a natural dialogue. Voximplant records the call.

Automated Recruitment Interviews

How it Works



    The HR client receives a report on the results of the call within an hour


    Each vacancy is assigned a phone number to understand which position the candidate is calling about


    The robot can call tens of thousands of people at the same time

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