Automated Candidate Verification for HR

Fast food chain Burger King uses Voximplant products for robot-aided screening of unsatisfactory job applications received by its HR Department.
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About company

Burger King, founded in 1954, is the world’s second largest fast food chain, with roughly 12,500 restaurants globally that serve over 11 million customers daily. Since 2010, the chain has been operating in Russia as well.

  • 1.5xINCREASEDconversion for qualified candidates
  • 1.5xREDUCEDcosts to recruit candidates
  • 5xCHEAPERto automate the recruitment process

Applications coming from the website or telephone hotline are automatically directed to Voximplant. The robot calls an applicant or answers an incoming call. If the number is valid and the candidate is in search of a job, the robot asks them standard questions from a script. During the screening, the robot determines if the candidate fits the job. If the decision is positive, the call is redirected to a human operator. All of the answers are recorded and transferred to the operator in text form before the connection.

Automated Candidate Verification for HR

How it Works


    Robot processes all incoming applications
    Robot screens 30% of irrelevant applications
    Robot cuts down on two working hours per recruiter daily

    Conversion into interviews is doubled

    The cost of one minute of a Virtual Assistant’s labor is 5 times less than one minute of a recruiter
    Robot takes into account location and time when calling candidates and recruiters

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