Automated Outbound Dialer

Improve agent connect rates and drive more proactive customer engagement.
Automated Outbound Dialer

AI-Driven Answering Machine Detection

Make every connection count with AI-driven answering machine detection. Using AI, the dialer accurately and instantly detects voicemail, enabling you to ensure agents only speak to live customers. When voicemail is detected, you have the option to play a recorded message to the voicemail system, instead of simply disconnecting the call.

AI-Driven Answering Machine Detection

Predictive and Progessive Dialing

You have flexibility to optimize agent productivity or customer experience with support for predictive and progressive dialing. In predictive dialing mode, the dialer uses statistical algorithms to ensure agents are always handling live customer connections. In contrast, the progressive dialing mode initiates calls only when agents are available.

Build Campaigns in Minutes and Reach Customers with Local Phone Numbers

Powerful Campaign Management

Powerful Campaign Management

Streamline your outbound calling with the Voximplant CX Canvas, a drag and drop visual builder that enables you to set up a campaign in minutes. You can schedule campaigns, and manage contact lists with ease. The dialer ensures each contact is called at times appropriate for their local time zone.

Neighborhood Calling

Neighborhood Calling

Increase answer rates by initiating calls using a source phone number that matches the destination country code/area code. The dialer dynamically optimizes each call by pulling source phone numbers from your number pool based on the destination number. The customer is more likely to answer the call when the displayed caller number matches their own.

Key Features

Predictive Dialer

Initiates calls based on statistical algorithms that ensure agents are always busy with live customer conversations

Progressive Dialer

Initiates calls only when agents are ready to speak with a customer

AI-driven Answering Machine Detection

Accurately detects when calls are answered by voicemail systems

Voicemail Drop

When voicemail is detected, automatically plays a pre-recorded message

Neighborhood Calling

Initiates calls using source phone numbers that match the destination number country code/area code

Time Zone Calling

Initiates calls based on schedule driven by the time in the destination country/area code

CX Canvas

Drag and drop interface enables non-technical people to create campaigns and manage calling lists

Phone Numbers in 60 Countries

Rent source phone numbers for use in campaigns from up to 60 countries

Customer Case Study

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Automated Quality Control Service

Predictive dialing is used to automatically connect bank managers with customers that have given the bank a low satisfaction rating on a recent interaction. The dialer connects a pool of up to 500 available managers to customers, enabling them to learn more about customer sentiment.


  • 1 monthis spent developing a contact center
  • 500 managersconnected to the dialing system

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