CRM Integration

Connect CRM, CMS, Service Desk and other web services and embed your customers details and history to provide a more personalized customer service.
CRM Integration

Deliver Personalized Customer Experience

Enabling agents

to have more personalised interactions with clients

Providing quick

automated access to customer details like requests and previous interactions

Tailor products

services, and customer service engagement to individual clients

Fast and Easy No‑Code Integration

Voximplant Kit allows non-technical people to manage calls and messages in one unified interface and to define actions and visibility. Voximplant Kit’s builder uses drag‑and‑drop tools, making it easy to create your own feature‑rich CRM solutions.
Capture contact information, automate customer interactions, watch analytics, set dynamic notifications, and much more — all without a single line of code. Just drag, drop and publish. It’s more than just easy.

What you Can Build

Transparent Analytics

A friendly interface makes it easier for you to access, analyze and create dynamic reports on your CRM data using filters by date, time, calls, queues, and many more.

Watch statistics live, download and share your work with anyone, and make an impact on your business.

Transparent Analytics

Key Features of API Integration

Parallel Software Development

Develop and test APIs simultaneously.

Lower Risk of Failure

Grow faster and adapt to users’ changes easier with APIs.

Save Costs

Developers don’t need to start from scratch. Fetch most of the functions from elsewhere.

Easier Development Process

Developers can use APIs to connect any system in one click.

Analytics & Traffic Monitoring

Monitor large volumes of traffic, detect and fix issues in minutes.


Connect any system with the existing infrastructure without changes in the original software.


Achieve 100% visibility and reduce the chances of overlooking important information.