Future-proof Cloud Contact Center

A tailor-made virtual contact center that meets evolving business needs

DIY Cloud Contact Center

Transform customer service into a unique experience with Voximplant Cloud Contact Center

On-Demand Scalability

You no longer have to worry about overextending your capacity. The service is scaled in real time according to the volume of interactions. Moreover, our infrastructure is located on 5 continents for the best quality in real-time communications. It also supports call processing in 200 countries.


Unlike on-premise solutions, switching to a cloud call center service can be done with modest spending. With Voximplant, you select only the features and options you need and pay-per-use. There are no hidden fees. Needless to say, it will create significant cost savings down the line since there are minimum operating costs.

Fully customized

Some customers would like to contact you in other ways than by phone calls. The software helps you integrate different communication channels. Experience the ease of building a contact center with a wide range of flexible features and customizable business processes. In addition, API integrations and our very own SDKs are at your service.

Easy to get started

Here are a few simple steps to build your own virtual contact center

Create an account & acquire a customer facing number.

Register and learn how to use specific Voximplant functions to implement your solution. Customers will have a single number to contact you. The simpler and more memorable it is the better.

Create your workspace and add users.

Add users to your workspace and specify their roles. Create an application as explained in the ”Apps, Scenarios, Rules and Users” tutorial.

Create and configure your call flow & develop an interface

Depending on your goals, you can customize customer experience. Also, choose desired features, such as IVR greetings, marketing messages, voicemail options, etc. You can create various interfaces with the help of our SDKs and tools.

Match operators with appropriate customer queries.

Make sure the caller can access the right agent. Depending on their issue, route calls to agents that will address their concerns the most efficiently.

Deployment & scaling.

Experience the ease of integration and customization with Voximplant Cloud Contact Center.

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Voximplant features

Skills-Based Routing

Skills-Based Routing

The rate of first call resolution (FCR) can be improved if a caller gets connected to the right operator. If the agent possesses the appropriate skills and knowledge, not onlywill it make the customer happy, but it will also reduce the load on the center.

Unlimited Concurrent Call Capacity

Unlimited Concurrent Call Capacity

The call center has no constraints on the number of calls processed. It will have no negative impact on call quality. Combined with the routing functionality within the call center software, you can quickly distribute incoming calls to operators.

Omnichannel Interactions

Omnichannel Interactions

Allow your customers to contact you in any way they prefer. Also, you canintegrate other platforms and seamlessly switch between channels. For example, shift from call to chat if it accommodates customer needs better.

Contact Data and Tags

Contact Data and Tags

The solution can be integrated with a contact database or CRM to provide the context for your agents. If the system recognizes a caller, an operator can see the relevant information.

Global Communication Channel

Global Communication Channel

Expand your footprint by purchasing international numbers or porting yourexisting ones. Your staff can reside in different regions to support interactions in many languages and at all times.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Keep track of such key metrics as the rate of answered, missed andabandoned calls, average wait time, call duration, etc. Also, you can monitor thecalls remotely in real time. By gaining detailed insights, you can work towardimproving the quality of your service.

Looking for a cloud contact center?

A contact center that prioritizes customers’ needs and suggestions makes an essential investment in the business of – customer loyalty. When you optimize the work of your call center, people will inevitably notice that, and your efforts will eventually pay off.