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Scalable call center with browser client powered by WebRTC
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Customer service demands require many of today's businesses to run their own call centers.

A traditional call center

Most customers are already familiar with remote service and don't want to visit a business to solve their issues. The old way of organizing call center requires the following: buy an expensive software license, buy expensive hardware for operators, find a telecom that will connect the call center to the phone network and provide a phone number, etc. All of this decreases ROI, so much that years might be required to recoup the costs associated with call center deployment.

The cloud call center alternative

A cloud call center from Voximplant can be launched within a month, and offers pay-as-you-go pricing, saving both time and the costs of expensive software and hardware.

Types of call centers by Voximplant

Home/Freelance call center

only web browser, headset and the internet access are required for operator to work, flexible solution for fast upscaling

Call Center for SMEs and Startups

fast time-to-market and minimal investment

Key features

Web-based client for operators powered by WebRTC

Scalable cloud architecture

Fast and easy customization of call processing logic

Queues management

Extended supervisor capabilities including real-time supervising

Extensive reports

Advanced integration capabilities

Predictive dialer increases efficiency of every operator up to 50%

Answering machine detection powered by machine learning saves operators time for useful tasks

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