Call Deflection

Improve customer experience while reducing agent call load and costs.
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Call Deflection

Serve Customers on Preferred Channels

Call deflection solutions provide customers options to resolve their issue using digital or self-service channels, instead of an agent voice conversation. They put customers in control and enable them to choose their preferred channel.

67% of consumers

prefer self-service over speaking to a representative (Nuance Enterprise)

55% of consumers

are willing to interact with a business via messaging apps to solve a problem (Hubspot)

49.5% of consumers

reach out to a live agent when they can't self‑serve (Nuance Enterprise)

Work Efficiently

The Voximplant Kit omnichannel contact center solution combines a range of digital channels with industry-leading automation capabilities that deflect calls away from live agent voice interactions. It enables you to implement proactive and reactive strategies to anticipate and resolve customer issues on their preferred channel. Here are some example strategies:

  • Proactively notify customers about product/service changes via preferred channels.
  • Use personalized IVR messages to offer customers an alternative digital channel when they call.
  • Detect when customers are calling from a mobile phone and offer alternatives via SMS.
  • Leverage recording analytics to identify opportunities to add self-service.
  • Automate voice interactions using a voicebot.
  • Setup a scheduled callback during off peak hours.

Reduce Agent Call Load and Costs

Our call deflection solutions help you engage customers on messaging, chat, and email channels to help reduce costs. A McKinsey study indicates businesses that offer digital interaction channels can reduce costs 20-40%. Our solutions include industry leading voicebot and chatbot automation that can completely deflect agent interactions. Studies show that it’s realistic to aim to deflect between 40% – 80% of common customer service inquiries to chatbots.

You can use our ROI calculator to see how much money you could save with a voicebot.

ROI Calculator

Sophisticated and Efficient

Deflect Calls to a Lifelike Voicebot

Sophisticated Natural Language

Sophisticated Natural Language

Our voicebot features sophisticated natural language understanding that recognizes caller intent without the user having to use precise wording. With our one-click Google Dialogflow integration, you can build voicebots that support multi-turn conversations and supplemental questions.

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7x24 Service

7x24 Service

Our voicebot delivers 7x24 service in 40 languages. It offers customers fast, efficient service in more languages than most contact centers support with live agents. It can provide customers a better experience than waiting for a live agent or struggling to converse with agents in a second language.

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Divert Calls to Digital Channels

Using the rich features in our intelligent IVR, you can suggest inbound callers use alternative channels to resolve their issue, including self service and messaging channels that are easier for agents to manage. You can even personalize IVR messages and suggest channels based on previous customer interactions.

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Key Features

The Voximplant call deflection solution is easy to implement and its out of the box integrations with leading AI engines simplify development of powerful voicebot and chatbot services for call deflection.



Voice, messaging, chat and email support.



Powered by the top 6 NLP engines in the world for near-human experiences.


No-code CX Canvas

Enables non-technical people to create voice and chat bots.


Flexible IVR

Delivers personalized interactions.



Of landline/mobile number.


Deep Analysis

Of caller intent enabled by recording and transcription.

Trusted by the World’s Most Innovative Businesses

95% of customs forms

completed online after SMS and voice reminders

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4x reduction

in average call handle time

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Automated 100%

of rescheduled deliveries

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Exceptional Customer Experiences


Easy to use

With a no-code, drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for non-technical personnel to build a complete contact center service.


Best of breed AI integrations

With Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Yandex, and Tinkoff.


Rapid deployment

In less than ten minutes using our completely self-service administrator portal.


Cost efficient

With 50% lower prices than competing CCaaS offerings, you get enterprise-grade services at affordable prices.


Truly omnichannel engagement

Through voice, SMS, Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram, and more social channels, plus email and easy web chat integration.


Highly reliable global infrastructure

With 14 diverse PoPs on five continents that provide low latency communications to 190 countries.

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