Voximplant for On-Demand Service Platforms

Build and integrate real-time communications into your delivery service.


Boost All Your Communications

  • Enable omnichannel service

    Enable omnichannel service

    Unify all your text, voice and messaging channels. Allow agents to see purchase history and requests before they connect to a customer. Personalize conversations and don’t allow customers to repeat their queries

  • Keep customers secured

    Keep customers secured

    Allow your couriers and customers to call and text while masking their phone numbers. Maintain your customers’ privacy and track conversation data with phone number masking

  • Notify customers in real time

    Notify customers in real time

    Enable timely push notifications and SMS to keep customers informed about delivery status, menu changes and special meal offers. Enhance real-time shipment visibility and track the delivery status of messages

What Can You Build with Voximplant

Voice notifications

Voice notifications

Manage time-sensitive automated phone calls that customers care about. Keep customers informed about the delivery status with voice messaging

Learn more about Voice notifications
Smart IVR

Smart IVR

Manage the IVR system to automatically respond to customers with DTMF, voice inputs, or build a conversational IVR

Learn more about Smart IVR
Phone number masking

Phone number masking

Replace real phone numbers with proxy ones. Use proxy numbers to protect customer identities and track communications with couriers

Learn more about Phone number masking
Call tracking

Call tracking

See what ads, websites, and campaigns are generating phone calls. Track phone leads back to their source and improve your marketing channels

Learn more about Call tracking

What Our Customers Say

Wheely Protects Customer Privacy with Phone Number Masking

Prior to Voximplant, we tried a number of other solutions, but only Voximplant’s platform met our requirements for functionality, stability, and price. In only a few weeks working with Voximplant, our development team was able to implement all needed services and set everything into production. The platform makes us confident that we can scale our service in existing and new markets. Voximplant takes care of all of the telephony and scalability complexities involved on our behalf.


Anton Chirkunov
CEO, Wheely

Why Choose Voximplant


From no-code to full code

For non-technical people, use our out-of-the box solutions, templates, or our drag-and-drop visual builder to enhance your customer experience. For those that want to build custom code solutions, use the Voximplant Platform to have full control.



Our customers are not locked into any contract or commitment through a pay-as-you-go pricing model. Alternatively, we offer volume discounts and committed use pricing to those that expect high volumes and contact us.


True serverless

Don’t worry about maintaining operating systems, provisioning servers and storage capacity. We provide the infrastructure to host your app.

Getting Started is easy

We have generous free tiers available to get you started right away.