Call Tracking

Accurately attribute calls, measure campaigns, and optimize customer experiences in your software

Call Tracking

Track calls like clicks. Add call tracking to your existing software platform to analyze calls and prevent data silos. Our phone call tracking system gives you a complete look at your phone support performance and tracks the progress of marketing campaigns. This allows you to receive valuable data on every phone conversation and every caller.To help you modernize your customer service, a cloud contact center will integrate services to power your interactions in ways that will bring you the most benefit.

Below are some our call tracking software that can help your business:

  • Caller profile

    Know who is calling, their phone number, call history, geographic location, and a lot more. This database offers your agents more context and helps them work more efficiently.

  • Call recording

    Keep reliable records of your conversations with each call. After analyzing the reports, proactively monitor and troubleshoot call quality issues.

  • Real-time reports and notifications

    The more information you can get about your inbound calls, the better future calls and customer journeys can become. Enable tracking of key stats such as average call duration, conversion rate, ROI, cost per call, etc.

  • External sharing of call detail reports

    Export call tracking data to spreadsheets and visualization tools for a holistic view of the session details. Managers can then review these details and identify opportunities for improvement.

  • Call attribution

    Learn how visitors move across multiple domains or subdomains. When they place a call, attribute their calls to the original marketing source - search, social, display, and more.

  • Push alerts and notifications

    Keep up to date on all activities in your phone system through your mobile device.

Gain insights into how your company uses your phone system through call tracking. When someone calls, extract and record any relevant data on that call. Then, your marketing and sales teams can stop the guesswork and have enough information to improve the quality of your service.

of online leads into clients with a custom call tracking solution built with Voximplant
to develop a call tracking solution

Deliver insights to improve campaign performance

BEFORE Voximplant

  • Complicated integration and API
  • Using off the shelf call tracking software that lacks flexibility and makes you pay for features you don’t need
  • Not knowing the customer journey and hoping callers were routed correctly

WITH Voximplant

  • Building the exact call tracking solution your business needs
  • Getting high accuracy of analytics at an affordable price
  • Optimizing the customer journey and delivering accurate, detailed reports in the format you require

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