Call tracking

Accurately attribute calls, measure campaigns, and optimize your marketing budget with the call tracking solution

Call tracking

Why use call tracking?

With the rise of smartphones, businesses have dramatically increased the number of leads received from mobile devices. Retailers are generating 42% of their online sales from mobile devices in 2020.

At the same time, many people still prefer to call rather than use online or text channels. To correctly calculate conversion rates, companies need to track phone leads back to their source.

Call tracking is a cloud-based service that allows companies to associate phone calls with marketing channels that triggered them.

Track and analyze each conversation

Identify marketing sources

Identify marketing sources

Track calls down to specific ads, websites and campaigns that are generating phone calls and driving revenue

    Drive communications with insights

    Drive communications with insights

    Receive valuable data on every phone call that you can use to improve your business conversations. Gain insights into which marketing channels, regions and even keywords are the most efficient

      Improve the customer experience

      Improve the customer experience

      Record, transcribe and extract relevant data for analytics on dedicated call tracking numbers to further optimize and improve your sales and marketing channels

        What can you build using the platform

        Caller profile

        Find out who is calling, their phone number, call history, geographic location to better know your target audience and prioritize marketing channels

        Real-time call reports

        Get up-to-date data and analyze key metrics such as call volume, average call duration, IVR menu selections, or even calculate conversion rates

        Multi-touch attribution

        Use customer name and caller ID information to link callers to registered users and attribute calls to the original marketing source such as web search, social media and more

        Phone number inventory

        You have plenty of local numbers to cost-effectively establish a local presence easily across countries and subregions. All numbers are tested to avoid spam, robocalls and unwanted calls

        Smart lead routing

        If a customer has already used your service, you can leverage caller ID information to automatically transfer the incoming call to the correct operator based on the customer's previous interactions

        CRM integration

        Plug lead data and call metadata such as messages, time of call, recordings and more into your software or ready-made CRM system

        Tracking calls is as simple as monitoring clicks

        Integrate call tracking into your existing software. Track and analyze calls where your data is already located.


        call automation for every time zone

        1 day

        to launch a static call tracking solution


        system availability

        Call tracking insights that improve campaign performance

        Before Voximplant:

        Before Voximplant:

        • Complicated integration
        • Using off-the-shelf call tracking software that lacks flexibility and makes you pay for features you don’t need
        • Not knowing your customer journey and hoping your callers are routed correctly
        • Inability to properly measure your marketing ROI on call campaigns
        With Voximplant, you can:

        With Voximplant, you can:

        • Customize your call tracking according to your business needs
        • Gain full visibility into your call campaigns with powerful call analytics
        • Deliver clear, accurate and detailed reporting on your marketing ROI
        • Do all this with flexible pay-as-you-go pricing

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        What Our Customers Say

        Our clients can easily find the source where most calls come from and gather detailed information on each – the duration of the call, the full recording, keywords, and the whole chain of visits that initiated the call. Initially, we used another PBX, but it was very expensive to support. The Voximplant platform is cloud-based, so we were able to move to it painlessly.


        Vladimir Kovtun
        Product Manager, K50

        Track and analyze calls where your data already lives

        Implement call tracking into your business today!