Prosto 585

Automated Redemption Reminders for a Pawnshop Chain

Thanks to the joint operations between Mindbox and Voximplant, the Prosto 585 pawnshop chain automated the process of transferring customer contact information and reminding people to redeem their pledged items. This saved the analyst team's time and minimized the chances of a mistake when data is manually uploaded.

An automatic dialing system was phased in 18 months ago to diversify communication with customers. Interestingly, many customers perceive a call from a bot as though it came from a living person, as we know from the reviews they leave with product managers.

Since this is an information message, it was not our goal to increase the conversion rate, but I can say that the conversion of an automated call is close to that of a text message: about 70% reply to the call and listen to it at least until the middle. The price of such a setup is comparable to a two-part message.

Anna Remizova
Prosto 585 Pawnshop Department analyst


Loss of work time due to routine tasks

The Prosto 585 pawnshop has a vested interest in seeing customers redeem their collateral, since it is no easy matter to sell off used jewelry and equipment. Therefore, when the grace period expires, Prosto 585 sends a reminder to its customers. 3 text messages are sent out, 2 weeks and 5 days before the expiration of the grace period for the redemption, and then 10 days after the grace period expires. To diversify communication with customers, the management decided to replace the last text message with an automated call using Voximplant.

In order for customers to receive a call in the daytime, a Prosto 585 analyst not only had to download the desired batch of customers from Mindbox every Friday in the middle of the work day, but also convert the file into a format suitable for the Voximplant platform, upload it and then manually mark it for autodial. The whole process took anywhere from one and a half to two hours.

Sometimes mistakes were made: the analyst in a hurry might have put down an inconvenient call time for customers, such as late in the evening. Auto-dialing stopped after the expiration of the manually set period: it was necessary to check whether the bot had time to call up the entire base. If the automated call ended prematurely, it was necessary to filter out the customers who did not receive the call and then start up the process all over again.


Automated transmission of call lists

It took just one day to automate the process of uploading customer data for auto-dialing, along with learning the Voximplant API. On the part of Prosto 585, an analyst was responsible for the project, the developer was involved only for a few hours, and no individual employee needed to be used for this purpose.


Once a week, a list of customers with overdue redemptions is collected in Mindbox and automatically transferred to Voximplant. The voice assistant then calls these customers. Call times do not need to be set manually: auto-dialing does not stop until the bot speaks with every customer on the list.


For the test, a male voice was initially used, and the call began immediately with an offer to redeem the pledged item. Customers found the voice to be rude, so they replaced it with a female one, and added words of gratitude for their trust at the beginning of the message.

How it works


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Synthesis of a unique voice for speaking to customers

Voice Recording

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Saving employees time and minimizing errors

Thanks to the cooperation between Mindbox and Voximplant, Prosto 585 pawnshops were not only automated, but also diversified communication with their customers. If earlier it was impossible to prepare an auto-call in advance, since the actual data appeared only on Friday morning, now the process is fully automated and does not require any input from employees.

The whole process involved in drafting the Scope of Work, negotiations and integration took only three weeks.

Automated Redemption Reminders for a Pawnshop Chain

Prosto 585 is a pawnshop chain that provides loans secured by jewelry and equipment. Every customer receives membership in the loyalty program, so the higher the personal rating, the lower the interest rate on the loan and the higher the collateral rating. The chain has operated since 2010 and since 2018 the company has been using the Mindbox marketing automation platform to store customer data and send email and SMS.

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