Automated Order Confirmation for Delivery of Goods

igooods was operating at the limit of its capabilities as demand for the company’s delivery service grew exponentially during the pandemic. Thanks to the Voximplant Kit solution, igooods was able to automate the process of order confirmation and delivery options. As soon as an order is placed, a bot calls up the customer and receives confirmation using speech synthesis and recognition.

Given the rapid growth in orders and new customers, the number of calls also increased, and this started to slow down the buyers' assembly operations. The delays affected the overall productivity of service, so the issue of automating processes arose.

I would like to note the impeccable work of the Voximplant managers in implementation, scenario development and integration with our system. Everything was done right. The system's interface is user-friendly and straightforward, and it took only a couple of hours to start up call campaigns. The reporting and analytics options are truly exceptional. Call and scenario logs are also worth mentioning.

Andrei Shcherbakov
Head of Customer Service Department, igooods


Lower customer service quality due to a 10-fold spike in call center workload

The number of orders and, consequently, calls made to the igooods product delivery service spiked 5-7-fold due to the pandemic and lockdown measures. Needless to say, the service was not prepared for this. So, for example, if a new customer didn't pick up the phone the first time, igooods canceled the order. This decision exerted a negative impact on customers who still expected delivery, but could not get through.

Moreover, the company was forced to increase delivery times in order to cope with the influx of new orders. Scalability made it more challenging for businesses to fulfill their obligations to customers, and the level of customer service began to plummet. Thus the automation issue for igooods became even more crucial, forcing the company to reconsider the current work processes.


Automated order confirmation

Thanks to the Voximplant Kit and HTTP integration of the service with the CRM system, calls are made automatically whenever orders are placed on the website. 

If an outgoing call connects successfully, speech synthesis technology reads out the details of the order and the selected delivery time to the customer. If the customer confirms that the information is correct, the order is processed for the buyer. And if the order is cancelled, the robot independently deletes the order in the system. Furthermore, the customer can change the details of the order, and in this case the latter notifies the robot, who puts the call through to an operator. 


The platform sends the results of the call back to the CRM system. If the customer does not pick up the phone, an SMS message is automatically sent out with a request to confirm the order.

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Convenient and minimal cost process of order confirmation

This system has proven to be a very convenient solution both for the user and for the business itself. The process from beginning collaboration to the rollout of a robot in the pilot version, which helped to reduce the workload on the call center and the percentage of manual order processing, took just five days. Even at the launch stage of the pilot project, the operator workload was reduced by 87% of the total number of contacts.

Thanks to the integration and additional training of the bot, that number climbed from 87% to 95%. 95% of confirmations or cancellations of orders among those who answered are also made without the help of an operator. And this is just the beginning for igooods.

Automated Order Confirmation for Delivery of Goods

igooods is a home delivery service from food retailers such as Metro, Lenta, Globus, Karusel, Prisma, VkusVill and others stores offering hypermarket prices. The service helps users save money and time as products and goods can be selected on the igooods website or in the mobile app.

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