Distributed contact center

Top-class customer care

After a visit to the bank’s branch, a customer receives a call from the automated quality control service. If a client gives the experience a low rating, his or her contact details are loaded in the predictive dialing system to which all bank managers, including top management, have access. Managers will then communicate with these customers to mitigate any negative impressions, and use the information to improve the performance of their department.

About Home Credit Bank

Home Credit Bank is a Russian commercial bank founded in 1990. The bank has branches in more than 2,000 locations in Russia and Kazakhstan. Bank employs 18,500 people and has over 30 million customers.

We decided to engage our managers in one of the bank’s strategic areas — customer care. As one-off events, we brought our executives to contact centers to do the operator jobs. For them, direct communications with customers was a source of inspiration for improvements in their departments. We wanted to make customer communications a standard of the executives’ routine. A distributed contact center for all bank managers throughout Russia helped us to solve this task.

However, the telecom solution used by our operators is too difficult to scale up. Therefore, we contacted Voximplant and, within a month, we had a separate contact center for the executives. The service has been around for six months now, and we’re encouraged by its positive results. We managed to engage executives in customer care, which allowed them to hear the voices or our customers and understand their experiences.
Elena Efremova
Head of Customer Care Division, Home Credit Bank

Voximplant in action

Outgoing call to the customer

The Voximplant cloud is integrated with the Service Volunteers system. When the available- to-call command is used, the Voximplant cloud calls the available customer directly from the browser of the bank top manager. After the connection is established, the Voximplant cloud issues a command to the contact center to show the client file. Calls are recorded if necessary.
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Contact center developed within 1 month
Separate contact center with access level management
3880 calls in October 2016
115 active top managers
500 executives connected to the dialing system