Online Calls from an App for Condominiums

The GuuGcall app allows condominium residents to keep in touch with couriers and concierges and control access to their front door remotely. Voximplant’s built-in functionality enables their users to communicate with each other via the Internet wherever they are.

Today, GuuG already operates in condominiums in the greater São Paulo area, where savings can reach 60%. We are working on other additional features that will soon be available, such as panic buttons with direct connection to the police. Further ahead we are planning to introduce solutions which will transform the delivery process and other solutions with a similar objective. The idea is to offer more comfort, security, independence, and technology for those at home.

Victor Barbosa
Founder, GuuG


Obsolete and unstable communication

Communications within a multi unit complex such as door opening, parcels receipt, or cooperation with a concierge usually take place with the help of a physical doorphone. However, this way of interaction is unstable and inconvenient due to difficult systems of wired connections, bulky equipment, and poor security infrastructure. 


That is why transitioning to online communications became an important element in the GuuGcall ecosystem establishment.


Online calls from the app

Voximplant SDK integrated in GuuGcall helped to stabilize the connection during voice calls. VoIP lets condominium residents make free calls using Internet connections. Once a call is initiated, Voximplant Platform receives a request to connect two users. A user doesn’t have to be inside to make a call, receive a notification about a parcel, or a message from a concierge.

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Virtual phone system

Voice Recording

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Comfortable and stable online communication

GuuGcall’s cooperation with Voximplant resulted in stable and comfortable communications for their customers. Online voice communications completely replaced a stationary doorphone and allowed users to keep in touch no matter where they are.

Online Calls from an App for Condominiums

GuuGcall is an intellectual monitoring and security system for condominium residents. It completely supersedes a concierge.



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